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‘Ups and Downs’: Drew Petersen opens up about his mental health

TW // Suicide

It’s easy to look at athletes and assume their lives are perfect. For Drew Petersen, he felt his was anything but. Contrary to what film segments, social media posts and magazine covers were putting out there about the professional skier, Petersen was struggling with his mental health behind the curtain. A near-death accident on Mt. Hood four years ago sent Petersen on a nosedive to personal hell and the years since have been an arduous battle with PTSD, bipolar disorder, concussion therapy and suicidal thoughts.

In his latest project, ‘Ups and Downs,’ Petersen bravely bares his heart and soul about his mental health struggles and uses ski touring as his method to deliver the message. In collaboration with Sweetgrass Productions, ‘Ups and Downs’ is a beautiful story about finding the light, healing in the mountains and how vocalizing his struggles ultimately saved Drew Petersen’s life.

If you or someone you know is in need of mental health support, you can find helpful resources here.

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