Trailer Time 2008 – July 14 Update!

Trailer Time 2008 – July 14 Update!

With the 2007-2008 ski season fresh in the back of our minds, the 2008 ski movie trailers are starting to drop. While places like Colorado, Utah and British Columbia continue to enjoy extended ski seasons, the videographers and editors of the major film companies are hard at work on their timelines producing the next banger flicks for the season.

This year’s crop of movies promises to provide new locations, new names and the most progressive tricks in the business. You’ve seen the web-updates from companies like Level 1, Poor Boyz and Rage Productions here on Freeskier.com. These guys have been busting their balls all season to produce the best damn ski movies money can buy.

So, here it is folks. The trailers to the next ski movies to occupy your bookcase / milk crate or wherever the hell else you decide to keep these epic odysseys of the 2007-2008 season in.

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Field Productions – Get Lucky

Field Productions is proud to present “Get Lucky”. A Norwegian ski movie that includes every aspect in modern extreme skiing: Park/BC/Big mountain and Urban. We have gathered many of the best athletes on the planet to give you the most exciting and varied ski movie possible. Filmed in HD with heli, cranes, dollys, cable and follow cams. “Get Lucky” and the behind the scenes documentary will give you a detailed insight in our whole season, describing how the luck treated us from time to time. Rider list: PK Hunder, Tom Wallisch, Jon Larsson, Seb Garhammer, Even Sigstad, Torgrim Vole, Espen Linnerud, Anders Backe, Aleksander Aurdal, Christopher Frankum, Jørgen Willumsen, Eirik Finseth, Aksel Lund Svindal and more. Locations: Strandafjellet, Sunnmøre, Oppdal, Filefjell, Folgefonna, Strynefjellet, Trysil – Norway, Haines – Alaska, European alps, Streets of Norway and more. Produced and filmed by: Filip Christensen Additional filmers: Espen Kristiansen, Fred Arne Wergeland, Jan Olav Jensen, Mo Garhammer, Jan Petter Aarskog, Petter Foshaug Available in USA, Europe and Japan through VAS Entertainment September 2008
…all shot in HD with the mind-blowing and award-winning cinematography you’ve come to expect from Level 1.
Website: fieldproductions.com

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Level 1 Productions – Turbo

Turbo will not give your car an extra power boost or shave seconds off your quarter mile- but it might, just might, change the way you think about skiing. Turning it up a notch once again Level 1 followed their crew of dedicated skiers throughout North America in the unforgettable season of 2008.

Tom Wallisch, Ahmet Dadali, Mike Hornbeck, and JF Houle get down to business with urban adventures across the Midwest and Quebec, redefining technical jibbing, and setting a new bar on what’s possible.

Tanner Rainville, Stefan Thomas, Wiley Miller, and Steele Spence shred neck deep pow and bring their brand of freestyle to technical terrain – from minigolf in Wyoming to the real big mountain arena of Alaska, and everything in between.

Justin Dorey, Mike Riddle, Duncan Adams, and Adam Delorme steal the show at Level 1’s trademark parkshoot progression sessions, boosting the biggest features this side of the Atlantic.

Also featuring the jumping and jibbing talents of Corey Vanular, Josh Bibby, Will Wesson, Travis Redd, Liam Downey, and Mike Clarke.

…all shot in HD with the mind-blowing and award-winning cinematography you’ve come to expect from Level 1.
Website: level1productions.com

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Matchstick Productions – Claim

MSP brings their award-winning approach to the table with “CLAIM,” this time poking fun at themselves and the industry as a whole. Highlights from the film include the introduction of 15-year-old phenom Sean Pettit, early season deep pow with Mark Abma, Matchstick’s return to Alaska over the course of four epic shoots, and a speed riding session from Chamonix, France – literally a synthesis of paragliding and skiing where skiers skip down sheer mountain faces with the aid of a small paraglider. Matchstick captured this insane new sport with a state of the art high-definition helicopter mounted camera. “We have been doing this for over 15 years and we feel like with ‘CLAIM’ we have created a masterpiece. This film is really going to blow some minds,” claims executive producer Murray Wais.

Athletes: Mark Abma, Ingrid Backstrom, Rory Bushfield, Chris Davenport, Simon Dumont, Stian Hagen, Hugo Harrisson, James Heim, Eric Hjorleifson, PK Hunder, CR Johnson, Shane McConkey, Jon Olsson, Sean Pettit, Chris Rubens, TJ Schiller, Colby West, Kaj Zackrisson, Jacob Wester, and speed rider Antoine Montant
Website: skimovie.com

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Rage Films – Such Is Life

Athletes: Kyler Cooley, Ian Cosco, Dylan Natale, Richard Permin, Mark Dvorak, Mike Mertion, AJ Burton, LJ Strenio, Gus Kenworthy, Derek Spong, David Lesh, Ashley Battersby, Taylor Felton, Nico Zacek, Tom Wayes, Corey Felton, Jamie Burge, Jessica Sobolowski, Cody Townsend, Elyse Saugstad, Lynsey Dyer, Ryan Oakden.
Website: ragefilms.com

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Voleurz – Outdoor Education

FREE on the internet, FREE in DVD format. If you want to pay for it, we’ll charge you $0.00 plus 0% tax & shipping. If you can’t afford it then we offer a voleurz payment plan of 0% interest over 0 days.
Website: voleurz.com

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Poor Boyz Productions – Reasons

This season Poor Boyz aims to shed some light on why our athletes do what they do. For 14 years we’ve given the ski world the most progressive riders to date with the most pristine locations. Behind every shot lies a story. “Reasons” will focus on why our crew makes the choice they do, and why those decisions are made.

In 2008 Poor Boyz invites you into the lives of the athletes and focuses on the finer details in their journey to show the passion of the sport beyond the lens. These are their Reasons.
Website: poorboyz.com

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Hunting Yeti

What is it about skiing? The Nimbus Independent crew tries to answer that question with the new release, “HUNTING YETI.” This film showcases skiing that is more fun and enjoyable for everyone, more about fluidity and style than amplitude or quantity of rotations, it breaks from the norm of pro athletes hitting jump after jump with a couple contrived lifestyle segments, to producing a project that communicates what ski culture is and the community it creates.
Website: https://www.rip.tv/nimbusindependent

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Atomic Skis – 44 Days

Join Atomic team riders Jossi Wells, Angeli Vanlannen, Chris Benchetler, Tim Durtschi, Dylan Natale, Brandon Becker, Kevin Browar and film maker Kris Ostness on a 44 day filming adventure.

Best of all, this movie is 100% free and dropping in August.

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