These 14 photos prove Candide Thovex is actually an alien

These 14 photos prove Candide Thovex is actually an alien

Candide Thovex released a new edit today and we’ve captured screen grabs from said video that prove Thovex is an alien. Without further ado…

1. Right off the bat, here’s a photo of Thovex skiing on Mars, so, that’s pretty tough to argue with.

2. The video doesn’t actually show Thovex skiing in this lava pit, but we have it on good authority that Thovex is, in fact, corking 720s in there, and how else could he do this if he was not an alien?

3. Pictured here high above the Earth’s surface, we estimate this is where Thovex landed his spacecraft and began descending to lower elevation.

4. Here, we see that Thovex has assumed the form of another Earthly creature, i.e. he’s a shape-shifter, a.k.a. alien.

5. This guy, who is tasked with protecting the Great Wall, has one job: Spot intruders and arrest them immediately. You can see Thovex in the background, clearly skiing down the stairs and making a whole lot of noise while doing so. Yet, this guy does not appear to see nor hear Thovex whatsoever. There is only one logical explanation to draw, here: Thovex is an alien.

6. Some sort of UFOs seen here, likely Thovex’s alien friends watching over him while he’s on Earth.

7. Why else would he never show his face?! What are you hiding behind there, Candide?

8. The How to Act Like a Human guidebook clearly didn’t mention that skiing is supposed to be done on snow surfaces, not water, nor grass. You’re not fooling anyone, alien.

9. Shape-shifting, again.

10. More shape-shifting.

11. Look familiar? Yup, it’s the very same forest where Arnold Schwarzenegger hunted for aliens back in 1987. Coincidence that Thovex also knows about this jungle? Unlikely.

From the making of the 1987 film, Predator, by FOX.

12. As described in the story, below, Thovex is hardly ever spotted on Earth to begin with, yet another indicator that he’s spending his time on a faraway planet among his own kind. Anyhow, thanks for visiting us every now and again, alien, we think you’re pretty awesome.

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