Here’s why you need to go to iF3 Montreal in September

Here’s why you need to go to iF3 Montreal in September

The 7th annual International Freeski Film Festival (iF3) kicks off its Montreal tour stop on September 11. While the abundant film screenings are certainly the main attraction, iF3 Montreal also provides an ideal venue for athletes, industry folk and fans alike to let loose, have a good time, and celebrate the upcoming winter season. Here are 13 reasons that you should attend iF3 Montreal this year:

  1. #1. Groms rejoice, the drinking age is 18!
  2. #2. See nearly 50 of the year’s best skiing films.
  3. #3. Hang out and party (and we mean party… i.e. ripping your shirt off on the dance floor kind of party) with tons of your favorite pros. (Pro tip: After ripping your shirt off, straight arm your beverage into your mouth/onto your face and you’ll instantly become friends with Sean Pettit.)
  4. #4. Poutine.
  5. #5. Beautiful women (How’s your French… Canadian?)
  6. #6. It’s a five day party this year.
  7. #7. BIXI bike brigade adventures.
  8. #8. Montreal = strip clubs on every corner. (Club Super Sexe, anyone?)
  9. #9. What happens in Montreal, stays in Montreal (except what ends up on Instagram).
  10. #10. Tons of industry people to give your sponsor-me edit to.
  11. #11. Breathe in the cool, crisp Canadian air during outdoor film screenings.
  12. #12. Have your mind blown by the latest innovations in ski cinematography.
  13. #13. Score autographs from (and your photo next to) the best skiers in the world.

In its seventh season, iF3 is now bigger and better than ever, with tour stops in Santiago, Montreal, Annecy, Innsbruck, Tokyo and Whistler. For more information regarding the international tour, head to

Need more incentive to head north of the border for iF3? Here are some testimonials from the pros at iF3 2012 that could sway your decision:

Tanner Hall

“I don’t know how many times I’ve been to iF3. A lot. Looking forward to Stept’s screening, Inspired’s screening, and meeting some nice Montreal girls. [What’s your favorite thing about Montreal?] Girls.”

Sean Pettit

“I’ve been here since it started. Six years. I’m looking forward to partying my ass off all weekend. And of course, stoked to watch all the movies and seeing what went down in everyone’s season. I’m sure it’s all going to be really good. I’m really looking forward to seeing Level 1′s movie, I hear great things.” [Says, “bonsoir to three ladies passing by.]

KC Deane

“This is my fourth year at iF3. I look forward to getting Iced. It’s always the best to come out each year, see the movies, and see the guys you don’t get to see all year. People that you kind of lose touch with over the summer. Guys like my man Mike Riddle. So it’s great to catch up, and get ready for the season. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Voleurz movie. Stoked to see what went down at Volympics, because I didn’t get to go, and also Legs of Steel. Also, my favorite Instagram hashtags right now are #FUKCDEANE and #IF3.”

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