The North Face PPOS announces slew of new prizes for 2016 virtual competition

The North Face PPOS announces slew of new prizes for 2016 virtual competition

On the heels of a successful first year of The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series Virtual Competition (PPOS), a slew of new sponsors have come on board to offer up an even bigger prize pack for year two. Clif Bar will be sponsoring the Two-Trick Pony award, which rewards the male and female with the best showing in more than one competition category with $1,000 cash. Rossignol will provide a pair of S-Series skis to the winners of the Amateur and Junior categories (slopestyle, halfpipe, big air); Look will give away a pair of Pivot bindings to the second place finishers of those disciplines. The first place winners of the Pro/Open categories will receive $1,500.

Like last year, the grand prize winner will be chosen by Tom Wallisch, who will sift through the video submissions to find the one entry he deems to be the best performance. The winner will be invited to film with Wallisch and Good Company.

A full list of prizes can be found here.

Additionally, The North Face and Clif Bar have teamed up to produce an eight-part video series providing educational information to help out participants with their entries. The first video features PPOS Head Judge Jason Arens giving some trick tips; it’s included below.

The PPOS judges’ perspective with Jason Arens.

Press Release:

ALAMEDA, CA (January 19, 2016) – A number of new partners have joined The North Face to support the 2016 Park and Pipe Open Series Virtual Competition (PPOS). Clif Bar will sweeten the pot with a number of tasty prizes and incentives. Rossignol and LOOK have also come on board to support the competition adding skis and bindings to the junior and amatuer prize packages. PPOS invites freeskiers anywhere in North America to ”virtually” compete with one another for more than $50,000 worth of prizes by submitting videos of their best park and pipe runs from their favorite resorts and venues.

New this season, Clif Bar will sponsor the Two-Trick Pony award, which will give $1,000 cash to the  male and female who demonstrate the best overall performance in more than one competition discipline. In order to be eligible for this cash prize, athletes must submit two videos in different disciplines. For example, one slopestyle video and one big air video. Any combination of disciplines is eligible to win.

“I am excited to see athletes submit more than one video in multiple disciplines this season,” said Head PPOS Judge Jason Arens. “With the addition of big air to the competition this season, a number of athletes should feel encouraged to compete in at least two disciplines. Submitting multiple videos not only demonstrates your skills as a well rounded skier, but also increases your chances to win great prizes.”

Additionally, the winner in every discipline and each competition category will be awarded 10 boxes of Clif Bars to help feed his/her freeskiing adventures and the Grand Prize winner will receive a yearlong Clif Bar sponsorship in addition to the opportunity to film and ride with Tom Wallisch and Good Company.

“Clif Bar is excited to team up with The North Face to support the Park and Pipe Open Series,” said Clif Bar Manager of FreeSport Culture Bryan Cole. “We are committed to helping athletes everywhere prepare to perform at their highest possible level. We love how The North Face PPOS Virtual Competition encourages freeskiers to showcase their most progressive moves from anywhere.”

Rossignol and LOOK will also up the ante for amateurs and juniors by awarding the first place finishers in each discipline their choice of 2016 Rossignol S-Series freestyle skis. Second place amateur and junior winners will receive one pair of 2016 LOOK Pivot bindings. The complete and totally stacked list of prizes can be viewed at thenorthfaceppos.com/virtual-competition-prizes/.

“Rossignol and LOOK have been at the forefront of competitive freeskiing since its inception, supporting athletes in every discipline of the sport,” said Rossignol Group Marketing Director Jason Newell. “We are thrilled to join this competition and further support the freeskier pipeline with the products proven to put athletes on the podium.”

In addition to the previously mentioned awards, Clif Bar and The North Face have created an eight-part series of videos, which will help to educate and excite athletes to make their best video submissions for the competition. The videos will be showcased in January and early February on Freeskier mag, NewSchoolers.com, Forecast magazine and TheNorthFacePPOS.com. The first video of the series featuring an interview with PPOS Head Judge Jason Arens is available for viewing here https://thenorthfaceppos.com/clif-bar-ppos-tips-tricks/.

Registration is currently open on TheNorthFacePPOS.com. Athletes are encouraged to register early as the first 50 athletes to register will receive two free boxes of Clif Bars.

Since 2010, The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series has provided a valuable platform for amateur athletes hoping to reach the elite competition level. The new PPOS Virtual Competition is designed to provide that same opportunity to freeskiers everywhere by filming their park and pipe runs at any local mountain, hill or ski area in North America. PPOS is supported in partnership with The North Face, Clif Bar, Rossignol, LOOK, GoPro, NewSchoolers.com, and Freeskier and Forecast magazines.

For athlete or registration information visit TheNorthFacePPOS.com or contact Courtney Leonard, MSI Athlete Marketing Manager at [email protected] or (801) 349-4616.

For media information, contact Jessica Kunzer, MSI Marketing and Communications Director at [email protected] or (801) 349-4612.

Follow The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series on Facebook at facebook.com/thenorthfaceppos, Twitter and Instagram at @TNFParkandPipe and #DreamRun16.

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