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“The League” Shows the Story Behind Jib League and a Bold New Future for Freeskiing

How did Jib League get its feet under it? From zero to 100, it seemed as though this new event came from no where last winter and was an instant favorite among both professional riders and fans alike. With no judges and no usual competition format, it truly is a special event to say the least. “The League” is a full documentary following three of the usual suspects, Ferdinand Dahl, James “Woodsy” Woods and Øystein Bråten, as they attempt to create a new future in freeskiing.

Unlike normal competitions, the league has no judges. The riders are selected to compete in a pro category, and then the sessions bounce from rails to jumps, each one being conducted in a jam session. At the end of the day, the riders meet to review, revel in the stoke of the day, come together over good food and vote for their personal favorite. This tactic is a unique way to keep the judging, and therefore the standards, more open and malleable. There are no wrong answers, only different opinions, yet the result is the same! A winner still stands out at the end of the stop. Oh, and there’s 10,000 Euros up for grabs. Truly this is only the tip of the iceberg. The thought and hard work put into The League is inspiring to say the least. Slap that play button to dive into a behind the scenes, full look at best new event in skiing.

From YouTube –

A decade after freeskiing became an Olympic discipline, many riders are longing for an alternative to the current trajectory of the sport. Instead of rigid contest structures and national teams, they dream of a new kind of freeski event, something more true to the sport’s unruly origins. And so, in the fall of 2022, an idea begins to take form…

The League” is the untold story of how the Jib League came to be. It’s an intimate documentary following Ferdinand Dahl, James “Woodsy” Woods and Øystein Bråten on their path to creating one of the most instantly beloved events in freeskiing.

Enjoy this unfiltered, behind-the-scenes journey from frustration to inspiration, doubt to certainty and worry to jubilation as three friends strive to create something original, and to push the sport they love in a bold new direction.

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