The Full Start List for the 2019 Kings and Queens of Corbet’s

The Full Start List for the 2019 Kings and Queens of Corbet’s

The 2019 Kings and Queens of Corbet’s competition—perhaps the most highly anticipated ski and snowboard contest of 2019—is set to take place Tuesday, February 12. On Tuesday morning, 24 of the most talented snow sliders in the world will gather at the top of one of North America’s most iconic inbounds ski runs, and send it for all they’re worth.

The reigning king and queen, Karl Fostvedt and Caite Zeliff, will be defending their crowns, with a hungry field of incredible riders chomping at the bit to knock them off their thrones. Will Aaron Blunck build upon the momentum of his halfpipe World Championship? Perhaps Teton Brown will one-up his double backflip from last year. Any one of the seven female Freeride World Tour and Qualifier competitors could take the top spot. Snowboarding legend Hana Beaman can’t be counted out. Or maybe Travis Rice, the most well-recognized name in the field, will flex his muscles and seize the crown.

Take a look through the start list, below, and get ready for the second edition of one of skiing’s most progressive events.

Start List, Kings and Queens of Corbet’s:

    1. Niki Kelly
    2. Laura Dewey
    3. Travis Rice
    4. Parkin Costain
    5. Sander Hadley
    6. Sam Schwartz
    7. Aaron Blunck
    8. Teton Brown
    9. Cam Fitzpatrick
    10. Rob Kingwill
    11. Mary Boddington
    12. Ashley Babcock
    13. Mikey Marohn
    14. Veronica Paulsen
    15. Hans Mindnich
    16. Erika Vikander
    17. Patrick Vanhorn
    18. Wakana Hama
    19. Cait Zeliff
    20. Ryan Cruze
    21. Blaine Gallivan
    22. Hana Beaman
    23. Karl Fostvedt
    24. Coen Bennie-Faull

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