Texting with Jossi Wells

Texting with Jossi Wells

Freeskier: Yo Jos, do you want to do atext interview or do you hate texting?
Jossi Wells: Yeah bro, that sounds sweet. Holla at me.

FS: You just got to the states right? What was the first American thing you did over here?
JW: First American thing? Hmmm, I believe it was a mocha from Starbucks. It doesn’t get much more American than that, right? [Laughs]

FS: What’s your agenda here leading up to the first Dew Tour?
JW: I’m driving to CO Monday and pretty much I’m going to be skiing , sleeping and eating. It’s crazy how soon the first Dew Tour is! So I’m just going to be training as hard as I can for that.

FS: Sounds like a solid plan. Any new tricks we should be looking out for?
JW: Yeah, I did some skiing end of season back home at Cardrona in the slush which was pretty good and I learned a few new tricks. Sorry I’m texting slow, I’m playing some UNO!

FS: No apology, everyone loves Uno. You’re still faster than Tim Russell.But I guess his kid is almost your age, so he must be getting slow in his old age.
JW: Haaa! Hey, I’m 18 now! I may eye to eye with Lil’ Kashmoney though.

FS: I watched a movie called, “Eagle vs. Shark.” Why are Kiwi movies so awkwardly funny?
JW: Oh man, it’s that the most awkward movie ever, aye? Pretty crack up though… All En Zed’ers aren’t that awkward though. Don’t worry. Have you seen Flight Of The Conchords? It’s that same guy in it.

FS: That show is super awkward but funny. How has the surf been treating you? Been getting barreled or beached ez?
JW: Oh bru, I haven’t surfed in a wee while but last time I did the water was negative one million degrees so I was beached ez bru within 30 minutes… Everyone out there, go and YouTube “Beached as.”

FS: Nice plug. Any predictions for who might do well this year at comps?
JW: It’s pretty crack up… Um, I think for slope, PK, Sammy and Dre [HÃ¥tveit] and for pipe I’m thinking Tanner and Simon will always be tough dudes to beat. Should be an interesting year!

FS: Are you all healthy for the year? LIttle injuries seem to be your downfall.
JW: Yeah, pretty much. I just had an X-ray on my ankle and found out I have had a broken ankle for a year and a half. It has kind of been bothering me a bit, but it hasn’t stopped me yet, so I’m hoping it doesn’t get too bad during the season…

FS: Hopefully not. Who are you living with this fall… so the pro hoes know.
JW: Byron [Wells] and I have a place in Frisco. Should be some fun…

FS: If Flight of the Conchords is any indicator, you two kiwis let loose in America should produce some comic gold. Any thoughts of a sit-com?
JW: I’m on my way to SLC to go go-karting! Yew! [Laughs] Yes this next three weeks should be interesting for Riz and I, first time we have had to cook for ourselves. It’s going to be fun, got my mum to teach me a few secrets before I left… and for the ladies, I’m sorry, I’m unavailable. Married to the snow, darlings.

FS: Maybe you can be a chef in the off-season now? What’s your favorite dish these days? Chops?
JW: Yeah man, cooking is pretty fun. My mum shoed me how to make a pretty mean ham and cheese omelet which I’m pretty into right now.

FS: Is Erik Seo going go-karting? He’s pretty mean at it I hear.
JW: Oh, I should holler at him, eh! I’m just going with a bunch of Park City homies. Remember when I told you I wanted to live here? I changed my mind. I like NZ too much. I can get away from my house into the middle of town within two minutes with no traffic. Pretty nice.

FS: What’s the best part of NZ other than the kabobs?
JW: Um, NZ’s air is really clear, so we have a really good view of the stars. Lake Wanaka is pretty rad too. Our mince meat pies are the best. And the biggest part is that we don’t sound stupid when we talk like you yanks do.

FS: At least we don’t look stupid like you kiwis. What is a mince pie, sounds gross.
JW: I look stupid now, do I? Ha! Mince pie is a round pastry filled with ground beef. 100-percent amazingness! Aight, I’m out to burn some rubber, I’ll holler when I’m done winning.

FS: Sounds good. Put Byron into the wall for me.
JW: No doubt! Nothing like a bit of brotherly love!

90 minutes later…

JW: That was EPIC! Besides the fact I got beat by a girl in table hockey and I came in 3rd to Byron in racing…

FS: Byron beat you and a chick crushed you in air hockey? That’s worse than I would do.
JW: I know right! I’m gonna go with my kart was tampered with.

FS: Valid excuse. What does Jos do late night in Utah?
JW: Well, Jossi has been pretty jet lagged so I haven’t been getting to sleep until like 3 am. This means I have caught up on all my Gossip Girl, 90210 and Entourage.

FS: You and my niece have similar TV tastes. Maybe you can catch up on Oprah, too.
JW: Nah, not into that. These shows are just so addicting! I must find out what happens next!

FS: You are so American. What if Oakley makes you an American flag one piece suit?
JW: If that happens, my gent would have some negotiating to do!

FS: Well you’re in the big leagues now. Any advice for the young(er) kids out there coming up?
JW: [laughs] Well I wouldn’t call it the ‘big leagues.’ We just have marketing value is all, so I think up and comers should use that. Focus on your skiing and everything else will follow. Try not to get too caught up in it all and focus on ‘making it big.’ That’s what I try to focus on. Skiing as well as I possibly can. The rest will happen for you.

FS: You know, you are the same height as Yoda.
JW: Ha! Nah, you can’t just take yourself too seriously. It will backlash on you one day. If I ever make it to the top, I still want friends so I always try to keep it real. My Dad definitely helps with that. He’s the number 1 Jossi-ripper-outer right there.

FS: That’s a super good perspective to have. Jeez, you’re so good at texting this thing is taking no time at all.
JW: [laughs] The youth of today and their gadgets, eh? You going to give me a, “when I was a young lad” talk, Shay?

FS: How old do you think I am? I love tech as much as you kids these days.
JW: I know you do! Mr. I-hack-my-iPod-so-I-can-chat-on-it… [laughs].

FS: Well thanks. It’s about to time to shut this thing down, kids don’t like reading anymore. Any shout outs?
JW: Aight bro, Shout out to all my sponsors, my parents, my homies all over the wrold and the big homie upstairs! Hope everyone has a great season and I’ll see ya on the slopes!

FS: Thanks for doing this, Jos.
JW: Mos Def homie, have a good one, bru.

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