Tanner Hall and Wiley Miller injured at Stevens Pass

Tanner Hall and Wiley Miller injured at Stevens Pass

While sessioning a seamingly tame jump this past weekend at Stevens Pass, both Tanner Hall and Wiley Miller sustained injuries while filming with TGR.

Wiley was injured on Friday. He sustained a concussion, fractured his eye socket and fractured both heels. He’s currently on the road headed home to Salt Lake City to see a doctor and will “be back on the horse before you know it”. We’ll keep you up to date on his status as he learns more.

Tanner was then injured on the same feature the next day, Saturday May 16. He broke both tibial plateaus, the area between the shin bone and knee joint. Tanner is due to go into surgery on Friday for one of the injuries. He is being treated by the same doctor who worked on Tiger Woods, so he’s in good hands.

Luckily, Tanner did not sustain any ligament damage, which could have complicated the injuries greatly.

“The situation sucks for Tanner, but he came off a huge winter,” says Oakley Team Manager Greg Strokes. “No doubt he’ll recover and, with his work ethic, he’ll be back super strong. He will be super determined to come back and slaughter. Everybody at Oakley wishes Tanner a speedy recovery.”

“He is in really good spirits right now,” says Tom Yaps, Tanner’s agent. “In the 48 hours since the injury happened, the news has kept getting progressively better, so he is really encouraged by that. He is surrounded by lots of friends and family in Park City and we have been bombarded by generous offers of help and support from people who know him and all of his sponsors.”

As of yet, there is no estimate as to how long recovery will take. “[We] really just want to get through the surgery and allow Tanner as much time as he needs so that he can come back and ski at the level he is accustomed to,” adds Yaps. “From everything the doctors have told Tanner and his family, he should absolutely be able to accomplish that. It’s just going to take a lot of hard work, and that is something Tanner has never been afraid of.”

We will update you with the latest developments, and everyone at Freeskier wishes both Tanner and Wiley a strong recovery.

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