Simon Dumont Wins Winter Dew Tour Mt. Snow Superpi

Simon Dumont Wins Winter Dew Tour Mt. Snow Superpi

A familiar sight for those that have been following freeskiing superpipe for quite some time. Simon Dumont has bested the finals field of 12 today to stand upon the last podium of the Winter Dew Tour. Under sunny skies, decent temperatures (compared to the last couple) and a trying stunt ditch, Dumont put it together to walk away the victor. New Zealand's Jossi Wells, while grabbing 5th is no reason to celebrate, he accumulated enough points to take the overall Superpipe Dew Cup, beating out Dumont by 5 points. The halfpipe at Mt. Snow was not the most optimal pipe of the year, but Simon managed to use his signature amplitude and tech bag of tricks to wrestle down the inadequacies of the pipe and win. His 900 to right 900 to double flip to alley oop 720 to switch 720 was enough to best Perkins by about two and a half points. Perkins, whose first run score stayed on top until the second to last rider [Dumont], measured the highest airs of the day His "massive" double flip to right 900 to 900 to alley oop flat 540 to 1080 to switch right 540 almost gave Tucker his first win on the Winter Dew Tour. Rounding out the podium was Justin Dorey, who also started things off with the double flip into an alley oop flatspin 360 to switch 720 to right 900 to left 900. All three podium members utilized the double flips to ward off would-be podium contenders.

Xavier Bertoni narrowly missed the podium here, opting to keep the double flipping cat in the bag, using his signature back to back 900s to keep his dollars up and grab 4th. Jossi Wells, the target of a recent internet video phenomenon, kept his double under lock and key today as well. 900 to right 900 to 540 to right 720 to illlin' switch 720 shifty to alley oop flatspin 540 was all he needed to lock down that 5th spot, and his Dew Cup title. Mike Riddle, the Breck Winner, was spotted repping Canada instead of a clothing brand. In these Olympic times, it's quite the patriotic symbol from Young Riddle. Mike used a similar run to Jossi's, with a 540, right 900, left 900, alley oop flatspin 360 and switch 720. Dr. Lobster [Byron Wells] took a big time spill in practice yesterday, fought through the pain [like Maino] and skied well, but toned down to gran the 7th spot with "his highest score in a Dew Tour," according to the announcers. Walter Wood, characteristically spun like a top, including an intro 1260, to grab 8th, where Banks Gilberti had a tech run, just was a bit lacking in the amplitude department. Finland's AJ Kemppainen didn't let the slow or small pipe compromise his style, as he dropped stylish 900 after 900 in practice, eventually landing himself in 10th place. Tyler Petersen and Matt Margetts, who both skied strongly, bring up the rear of the pack. Peterson's run was bossty and Margetts' run was technical, but both were missing a key element, keeping them down in the pack.

As the sun sets on the Winter Dew Tour, we look back at the winners Riddle, Wells and Dumont, and can safely say that the Winter Dew Tour provided a setting for epic skiing to take place. Jossi Wells sits as this year's Winter Dew Tour Superpipe overall champion, who will it be next year? We say goodbye from Mt. Snow, Vermont and say goodbye to the 2nd year of the Winter Dew Tour.

Men's Superpipe Results:
1) Simon Dumont
2) Tucker Perkins
3) Justin Dorey
4) Xavier Bertoni
5) Jossi Wells
6) Mike RIddle
7) Byron Wells
8) Walter Wood
9) Banks Giberti
10) AJ Kemppainen
11) Tyler Peterson
12) Matt Margetts

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