SIA Superpost #2: Start saving your money.

SIA Superpost #2: Start saving your money.

Welcome back to our second SIA superpost. Before you read on, place your credit card and wallet in another room and grab a bib because we're about to hit you up with some of the tastiest gear that the SIA trade show had to offer this year, company by company. So, without further adieu here's some sweet 2010-2011 gear!


Scott has been making big moves since we checked in with them last year at the SIA trade show. In case you've been living under a rock, Tom Wallisch (The King of Afterbang) is now on their international freeride team. It's also year-two for their new goggle, The Fix. This year, they've spruced it up with the help of some artists and introduced new colorways. Here are the new Fix Artist Series goggles. We know, we know… Goggles with art isn't exactly new, however these sure do look sweet. The artist series come with matching tin cases and goggle wipes. It's the little things, folks. Of course there are gloves to match your new goggles! Some of the new Scott kits available next year. The new Scott Mega Dozer and a very lucky mannequin. Scott has also introduced some new sticks, the Dozer and Mega Dozer. Expect the Mega Dozer to be your ski of choice for the steep and deep days while the Dozer fits in as the all-mountain / do-everything ski in your quiver. The Scott Punisher is now available in two widths, great for people that want to slay park.

Nike 6.0

After signing TJ Schiller and Jossi Wells away from major clothing companies we all knew that Nike 6.0 was going to introduce outerwear this season. Well folks, the wait is over. We've seen a couple of the pieces on TJ and Jossi and Nike 6.0 has come out guns blazing for 2010-2011. Nike is no stranger to the outdoor apparel game and they've taken their technical knowledge from years of experience and combined it with the style and cuts that freeskiers like you and me have been looking for. Freeskier was lucky enough to be invited up to their private suite a couple blocks away from the trade show to have a look at their offerings.


If you haven't owned anything from Orage we feel genuinely sad for you. Orage is one of the most progressive companies in the industry, always focused on creating top quality, stylish products with riders that personify their products. If you weren't at the Orage booth party at SIA you were probably rollerblading. Who did they have spinning? The one and only Hathbanger. One of the main men at Orage, Mike Nick. Rumor has it he's been training in the park so he can make his triumphant return to freeskiing this year with the help of the guys at Meathead Films. Athlete inspired pieces from Orage. Wait a minute, how is Xavier and Phil at SIA? Shouldn't they be at X Games? Kaya Turski was in the house, showing off her new X Games gold in Slopestyle. The Orage booth, always classy and clean. Except for when they were throwing awesome booth parties. You won't have any issues finding B-Dog (Phil Casabon) on the hill this season.


Over the last few seasons, Giro has been consistently coming up with new ideas for eyewear and protection. Some of these ideas have panned out, while others were merely experimental and have not made their way into future versions of their products. This season Giro is back with some amazing ideas that are making their line of high-quality optics stand out from the competition. If you've ever worn a pair of goggles under your helmet, you know that the adjustable plastic buckles on your band can dig into your head and cause some minor discomfort when you ride. The engineers at Giro realized this and came up with a completely new way for you to adjust your goggles without having a plastic knob jam into your skull. This is their new adjustable goggle strap. At first glance it simply looks like a piece of velcro, however they've gone above and beyond and developed a new material that sticks like velcro however doesn't pill and destroy the band when you have to adjust them. The result is an easy to adjust goggle band that has no adjustable clip to dig into your head. Perfect for when you want to toss one of their helmets over your goggles. Another product we're excited for is a new goggle from Giro that uses easily interchangeable lens cassettes. All you've got to do is pop one tab at the top of the goggle frame and slide the outriggers on the corners back and you can easily slide new lenses right into the frame. It's as easy as changing your Paula Abdul cassette for your NKOTB. These goggles will come with two goggle cassettes each so you are good to go for the bluebird and greybird. As they say in Boston, that's wickid-smaht. Here's another look at the goggle when the lens is inside the frame. Here are some of the new colorways for the 2010-2011 Giro goggles. As always, top notch protection with colorways that match the goggles. Gotta' stay fly. 2010-2011 Peter Olenick P.R.O. model. Just kidding. Seriously Pete, if you're reading this, you should rock this helmet next season at X Games.

Keep checking back to Freeskier.com for more updates from the 2010 SIA tradeshow. We've got more video, photos and products to come!

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