Seb Garhammer goes Haines pt1.1

Seb Garhammer goes Haines pt1.1

So i’m leaving Åre Sweden to go to Haines, Alaska for the second time in my life. After being in Haines last year for three weeks and experiencing the best skiing of my life I decided to return with a better setup. This year i’m arriving earlier and i’m staying for 5 weeks. I bought a sick sled and have scraped together some money for some helitime. I’m meeting up with photographer Oskar Enander, Cinematographer Mark Smith and Skier Stephan Drake. They will be my sled buddies and roommates for the next 5 weeks. My plan is to get alot of good skiing and to get some of it on film and on photo before leaving.

The trip over.

Leaving my two kids and girlfriend in Åre is always a hard thing and is hardly something that I ever get used to. I started out at 6 a clock in the morning leaving Åre/Östersund headig for Haines with 4 transfer flights on the way. Landing in Juneau the capital of Alaska at 10 pm after a 18 hours travel I got a motel just by the airport to get a few hours of sleep before leaving to Haines thye next morning. I got up early and got to the Juneau airport and boarded a small propeller aircraft. The flight into Haines takes about 40 minutes and is probably one of the most beutiful routes you can fly with a plane. White yawdropping mountains sourrounding me left and righ and the ocean right under me all the way to the little fishingtown of Haines. Oskar Enander picked me up with a big smile and we went into town to fix some damaged sleds before driving up to the backhouse of the Funny Farm Lodge where we will stay fo the next five weeks. The vibes are definitelly good arriving in Haines and im really amped and ready to get up on the mountain as soon as possible. The snow looks amazing and the whather looks realy stabile today. We will see what happends tomorrow. In Haines you there is one thing you can be sure of, that is that you can never be sure of the wheater.

Check out the update in a couple of days.

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