San Francisco Ski & Snowboard Festival

San Francisco Ski & Snowboard Festival

Wow, what a difference a couple weeks make for a Winter Sport promotion in the bay area! This weekend, Jim M., Owner/President of SnowBomb.com, pulled together a slamm’n program to rally the downhill faithful in San Francisco.

The stage was set inside the historical Fort Mason Center’s Festival Pavilion, which extends into the water with an incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The only difference between the two days, were, Wine or Beer tasting? I decided on beer Sunday!

In a brief chat, Jim explained how excited he was that his dream of many years, had not only seen the light, but was on track to becoming a must attend, pre-season program, for both consumers and vendors.

A brilliant combo of discount merchandise, beer and wine, made giddy snow-hounds drooling for the sounds of “Opening Day”! People were bundled up due to the rainy weekend, (which fueled the thought of fresh pow in the near future) and enjoyed great deals, tons of swag and outstanding taste bud titillation!

The event boasted: 1-million smackers of blowout deals (up to 70% off); a rail jam of local groms knocking off the rust; a Tahoe Resort Job Fair and all of the top resorts and retailers in the industry showing their stuff.

I somehow talk my director, Robby B. into helping me schlep my gear around with promises of great tasting local micro-brews. Our first stop was Laguinitas for a glass of IPA…right choice! As we checked out the many vendors, sucking down our suds it became apparent, this has a great foundation for a huge show in the near future!

The crew at Bear Valley Ski Resort quickly drew a frenzy with their 1:00 raffle, giving away wears and tix. Dana G. of Tecnica explained the new acquisition of Blizzard. Dave of Pacific Crest Snowcats showed us their way-styli Cat-Van and described the new service near Squaw and AK (Mental note: get in good with these guys!). Karlene W. set us up with lip-smack’n Cholulas Hot Sauce and Jennifer V.G. explained Heavenly’s year two of a ten-year master plan of mountain improvements!

Whew…time for another libation, ah, Kona Brewery is here…Christian poured us a cool Fire Rock…hit the spot, back to work!

It was great to see, not only the local resorts, but also: Canadian, UT, CO, MT, WY and SoCal…Oren T. of Mammoth claimed opening day was THIS WEEK!!!!!

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the ultimate show, I would rate this inaugural event a 6.5 – based on the shear balls it took to walk away from a proven program and to start a new beginning in pre-season snow sport experience. SF Ski and Snowboard Festival has a great future with possibly a bigger venue, music, food/drink, vacation planning and discount goodies – Jim has the golden ticket in hand!


– event footage coming soon

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