Roxy Ski Review

Roxy Ski Review

If you attended any competitions this season and didn’t see at least two girls per comp on Roxy skis, we’re going to guess you had a seeing eye dog with you. Roxy reps have been scouring the country and signing up girls left and right, from the grassroots level up to Sarah Burke herself. As far as the company’s product goes, Roxy has stepped it up from last year with a full line of competition worthy twin tips, highlighted by the park specific Broomstix and big-mountain oriented Black Magic. Ladies, enjoy.

Black Magic

Length: 166, 176
Dimensions: 124-92-114
MSRP: $730 Stoke: 8

The Black Magic from Roxy reflects the huge strides the company has made in improving its 2007 line. The ski is loaded with lots of pop thanks to the Spring Blade construction it employs. According to our lighter skiers, the Black Magic is an “easy, fun ski.” This is a do-it-all tool, great for all-mountain and park skiing. Definitely a step in the right direction for Roxy.


Length: 150, 160, 168, 176
Dimensions: 120-83-110
MSRP: $960 Stoke: 7.5

Testers found that the Phoenix suffers from a lack of beefiness. “Could be stiffer” and “a bit too soft” were two comments. But the ski does score well in variable conditions. “Much better in variable snow than I thought it would be” and “powered through broken up snow” were two comments. The Phoenix is “very turny.” That trait, combined with the softer flex make it a good choice for lighter riders who like to turn.


Length: 155, 165, 175
Dimensions: 112-78-102
MSRP: $600 Stoke: 8
Jumps: 8 Pipe: 8
Playfulness: 8 All-Mtn: 7

Incredibly jibby, this ski loves to spin and butter around the park. It’s not as stiff as needed for ultimate all-mountain performance, but the Broomstix will serve any chick well both on jumps and in the pipe. “Super-light swing weight, forgiving and snappy under foot,” commented one tester. Also, in signature Roxy style, this ski has matching boots, poles, bags and outerwear so you can cruise around the hill in fashion morning to night.


Length: 148, 158, 168
Dimensions: 11-80-103
MSRP: $460 Stoke: 6
Jumps: 7.5 Pipe: 6
Playfulness: 6 All-Mtn: 4

The Alakazam will magically make you a good skier. Or at least it will help you progress your park skiing. One of our female testers thought it was “stable for jumping and stable in the pipe. It is a good intermediate ski but is less solid in iffy snow than the Broomstix.” It comes in shorter lengths, making it great for those beginning their park career or just looking for a smooth and easy way down the mountain.

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