Chris Logan with his Rossignol Squad 7 skis

Rossignol: Empowering Athletes

Rossignol: Empowering Athletes

Athletes creating film segments within the ski industry have long followed a simple formula: film with a production company for a season, piece together your favorite shots and hope that it’s one of the best parts of the movie. Over the past few years, this model has been turned on its head, with athletes planning their own adventures, setting out on solo projects and bringing video content to the masses in innovative ways.

When Parker White and Chris Logan decided to produce a webisode series rather than work on traditional film segments, the first sponsor they called was Rossignol. Both athletes have represented the company for more than a decade, and Logan says proposing the idea to team manager, Matt Rihm, was more like “calling up a homie to bounce an idea off.” He adds, “They were fully supportive and gave us free rein to do what we wanted.”

Rihm, who has known Logan for a decade and White for more than 20 years, liked the idea right away and knew that they’d be able to produce more content throughout the season on their own. “I love seeing what they’re doing on a day-by-day basis,” he says. “And today, delivering that kind of relevant content is what it’s all about.”

Chris Logan with his Rossignol Squad 7 skis

Chris Logan grabs his Rossignol Squad 7 skis. Photo by Sean Logan

Trusting Logan and White has paid off. With Rossignol as the title sponsor, the four-webisode-long series dubbed The Big Picture proved to be immensely successful. The episodes follow the duo and a cast of friends skiing the streets, park and backcountry of Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Washington, California and British Columbia, all to a killer soundtrack.

After four years of filming with Level 1 Productions, the boys were used to shooting for an entire season before seeing the fruits of their labor. With the new schedule, they needed to organize logistics and produce content quickly. “Before, we never worried about missing a shot here or there,” says Logan. “All of a sudden, it was like, ‘We need a bunch of footage for this month’s episode, and we need it stat.’ We couldn’t afford to get skunked.”

This hard work and dedication is a large part of why today they’re two of Rossignol’s premier freestyle and freeride athletes. Not to mention that both were passionate about the brand and buying Rossignol before they were even brought onto the roster.

“Most of our athletes started on Rossignol from a young age and have been with the brand for a long time,” says Rihm. “There’s definitely a lot of passion when it comes to this brand, and it’s cool to be working with athletes who are as familiar with Rossignol as I am.”

The Rossignol Slat, which debuted last season, hit the mark for both White and Logan as a stick that could perform both in and out of the park. “It’s a really sick ski,” explains White. “I can’t ski a skinny ski in the park. It’s the perfect mid-fat. There’s something under your feet, a little rocker in the tip and tail, and you can still land everything. There are two really solid points of contact, and the tip and tail are super buttery, playful and fun.”

This season, all of The Big Picture content will be posted on thebigpicturemtn.com, where viewers can find even more content—photos, stories and mini edits in between webisodes. As for their future plans, White says expect everything to be “bigger and better.” Conditions will dictate filming locations, of course, but White says he’s gunning for BC and maybe an Alaska trip,too. Regardless of where they end up, the action is sure to be good.

Rossignol FKS binding

rossignol fks bindings 2015

“The Rossignol FKS 120 ski bindings’ design is a time-tested platform. This year, Rossignol adds a 12-DIN version to the lineup for lighter weight skiers who want the same high performance…” Click for full review.

Rossignol Slat

Rossignol Slat Skis 2015

“The tool of choice for Parker White as well as Chris Logan, the Rossignol Slat was very well received by our testers thanks to its user-friendly and playful nature…” Click for full review.

Rossignol Super 7


“Just like its popular ancestor, the S7, the Rossignol Super 7 promises to decrease skier fatigue with its generous rocker profile and provide effortless turning with its lightweight tip, tail and paulownia wood core…” Click for full review.

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