Sam Jackenthal

Remembering 16-year-old freeskier Sam Jackenthal

Remembering 16-year-old freeskier Sam Jackenthal

Sam Jackenthal, a sixteen-year-old up-and-coming freeskier of Park City, Utah, passed away on Thursday, October 1, after succumbing to injuries sustained on September 8, while skiing in Perisher, Australia.

A Utah-native, Jackenthal had found great success in his young freeskiing career. In March of this year, Jackenthal claimed the freeskiing combined title (slopestyle, halfpipe and big air) during the USSA Junior National Championships at Park City Mountain Resort. Jackenthal was also a member of Team Park City United (TPCU) and attended the Winter Sports School in Park City. Last month, Jackenthal attended a ski trip to Perisher, Australia with his fellow TPCU teammates where he suffered traumatic brain injuries after a crash that occurred while skiing inbounds. News of Sam’s passing was broken by his father, Ron, who shared a post on Facebook to inform the surrounding community and close friends.

Alongside skiing, Sam also enjoyed competitive in-line rollerblading. Aside from his achievements on the mountain and in the skatepark, Jackenthal touched many through his eccentric spirit and passion for life.

In wake of Jackenthal’s passing, there has been an outpouring of support from Utah locals and professional skiers alike, paying tribute to Sam and providing well wishes to his family and close friends. Below, we’ve provided a collection of remembrances of Sam. The entire FREESKIER team sends its condolences to the Jackenthal family and all those touched by Sam. May you rest in peace, Sam Jackenthal.

Remembering Sam Jackenthal:

Below, we share tributes that have been shared for Sam. We begin with a particularly heartfelt remembrance from skier John Kutcher, posted to Facebook this morning. Over the course of the past six years, Kutcher coached Sam on many occasions at the Utah Olympic Park and beyond.

“I struggle to believe I am already writing another one of these. Like when Heffy [Matt Heffernan] passed, I have been battling with myself to find the proper words to honor another amazing person. It is hard to show a true appreciation for someone through a Facebook status.

Over the weekend I learned that a young man who I have had the pleasure of coaching for the last 6 years, and become very close to through out numerous trips and countless days shredding together. Sam Jackenthal was one of a kind. He never followed the popular trends, he was always himself. One of my first memories of Sam, he must have been no older than 11, is from coaching at the Utah Olympic Park on the trampolines. He was a tiny guy back then with a recognizably high voice. He would pester me non stop asking if he was allowed to send some double backflips. I could only deter him for so long before I gave in. He already had the ability and would land them pretty much every time.

From that day to the very last day I got to ski with him his passion never diminished. He was always the most stoked regardless of the conditions. If you weren’t having the best day all you had to do was look to Sam and he would bring you right back up with his positive attitude and pure stoke to be doing what he loved to do.

Sam and Heff shared some attributes that I know I will actively be working on in my daily life. They were accepting of everyone they came met. They wouldn’t just hit you with a little small talk and be on their way. They would actively listen and ask you about what you had been up to, and not just to be nice, they were genuinely interested.

Everyone has bad days, but both Sam and Heff were able to laugh it off and move on. The ability to make the best out of any situation is hard to come by.

I have grown immensely from knowing both of these amazing people, and I will strive to continue to better myself following their lead.

Love you Sam And Heff.” – John Kutcher, Professional Skier

“Young, talented, and full of heart. Your positivity will live on in our memories and energy forever. You made my day better every time you gave me a high five. I love you buddy and I’m gonna miss you and your smile and incredible energy. I will always think of you until we meet again and get to high five again! Love you Sam! Rest in peace and eternal love. ‪#‎SmileForSam‬” – Alex Schlopy, Professional Skier

“Although we never knew his smile or heard his laugh, our hearts go out to his family and friends. Sam Jackenthal’s spirit resonates through Park City, Utah and will continue to move the town.” – Soul Poles

“A few weeks ago two of my friends, Sam Jackenthal and Dakota Eliuk got TBI’s [Traumatic Brain Injuries] and ended up in comas. Dakota recovered and now he is still in Italy but walking and talking. Last night, Sam passed on. I was so sad and cried. The important thing to focus on now is to live life like Sam would have wanted. Smile a lot, make jokes, be talkative, and make sure you jump off everything. Set a goal today and accomplish it living life to the max! Ski in peace Sam.” – Jamie Crane Mauzy, Professional Skier

“It has been a sad few days in the action sports world. Legendary base jumpers and so much more, Erik Roner and Johnny Strange have passed away and my neighbor and up and coming skier Sam Jackenthal has passed away as well. Lost but never forgotten, we will always gain inspiration from these three people. I just crossed this video and I think it accentuates how action sports can inspire people to do phenomenal things and also to inspire others as well. Praying and sending my best wishes to all of the families and loved ones of these great people.” – Sage Kotsenburg, Professional Snowboarder

“S.I.P. Sam Jackenthal. I did not know you all that well, but during this difficult time I have learned that you were a very unique individual who brought nothing but light to the world around you. An amazing skier and huge part of the Park City community, I now feel as though we were brothers, and I am beyond devastated to see you leave us so soon. The ski community has a heavy heart right now, but we will pick up and tread on knowing that you, Heff, Erik, Jp, Andreas, Shane, CR, Tim, and so many others that were taken too soon are smiling down at us. Believe me, we’ll be thinking of you and smiling right back. ‪#‎ForeverInOurHearts‬ ‪#‎SmilesForSam‬” – McRae Williams, Professional Skier

“Our hearts go out to the Jackenthals, Team Park City United + the ski community. Ski in peace, Sam. #SIP #SmileForSam” – U.S. Freeskiing

“Sad to say goodbye to two skiers in one week. Sam Jackenthal I’m so honored to have gotten close to you over the past few years #SmileForSam” – Willie Borm, Professional Freeskier

“S.I.P. Sam.” – Noah Wallace, Professional Skier

“RIP” – Nikki Blackall, Professional Skier

“Ski in peace Sam Jackenthal.” – U.S. Freestyle Ski Team

As we continue to pay our respects to Sam, we’ve provided a few of his standout moments for you to enjoy. Ski in peace, Sam.

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