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‘RECREATE’ – Lucas Wachs brings together some of the sports best

There is an undeniable tranquility that lies in the backcountry. Individuals are migrating towards its open arms in exponentially increasing numbers for something that stems far beyond the skiing and adrenaline. The draw is different for everyone, and it can be hard to quantify. One thing is for sure though; skiers and snowboards, people from many different backgrounds, all unite to form new memories and venture into the unknown. Lucas Wach’s latest project, ‘Recreate’, is a prime example of this beautiful unison between rider and nature.

This remarkably well filmed and composed project follows Lucas and a plethora of talented friends across the pacific northwest and beyond. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, John Ware, and Tim McChesney are just a few of the rippers that join for the ride, and world class boarders like Austin Sweetin and Micah Evangelista even tapped in for a few. After the powder and has been trenched, and the spring corn has been harvested, the gang tears into the summer dirt on their bikes as the surroundings fade to green and the cycle begins again. It’s a full circle ride that will leave you hungry to head out for adventures of you own.

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