Nimbus Hits Cooke City

Nimbus Hits Cooke City

Hello and good day to all the supporters of Nimbus Independent and the Hunting Yeti project.  Ike Smith here once again, to fill you in on the wild and crazy adventures of the Nimbus crew.  This time around we decided to head to a remote location nestled in the beautiful mountains of Montana known as Cooke City.  It was dumping snow at low elevation when we left Oregon, which left us wondering why we were gonna drive 16 hours to Cooke City.  Such is the life of a traveling film crew.

The only way in to Cooke City is through Yellowstone National Park, which was in the dark unfortunately.  It proved to be the skechiest part of the journey, as we had to herd bison off the road just to get through.  Once we arrived in Cooke City, we knew we’d lucked out once again.  The skies were clear, the snow was the lightest of the year(in March!) and there was virtually no one in town!  

We awoke early the next morning and got after it.  We arrived to a well known jump spot that already had a jump built, so we stacked it up twice as high and started hucking our meat into the 3 feet of blower Montana powder. The boys were itching to drop some cliffs and ski some lines, so we spent the rest of the day scoping stuff for the next morning. The next day was just as productive, we found a nice cliff band next to a jump spot which had two pre-built jumps on it!  We couldn’t believe our luck, so we decided to play on the snowmobiles for a little while to celebrate.  

After day two, morale was very high, and we wondered whether we should stay a few more days to wait out the approaching weather system, or go home while we were ahead.  The crew changed their minds numerous times, but decided to stay and wait.  We had four down days, which turned into up days for honing our snowmobile, video game, and graphic design skills (in Pollard’s case).  Once again the weather cleared for half a day, and we got one more jump session in. Unfortunately Andy dislocated his shoulder, but he got it back in and toughed it out for the rest of the session.  Now we are back home, except for Pep who is on his way to Alaska with PBP.  Be sure to check out rip.tv/nimbusindependent for webisode 2, which will have all the footage from this trip, plus B.C. and California, and make sure to download the hi-def version!  Over and out.

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