The Nimbus Crew Hits British Columbia

The Nimbus Crew Hits British Columbia

For the last 2 weeks The Nimbus Crew has been hunting the Yeti living up in Canadian Rockies. Myself, Eric Pollard, Christian Sirianni, Andy Mahre, Ike Smith, Justin Wiegand, Erin Pollard, Shin Campos, and Christian Pondella (No… that’s not a big crew), are all up here in Canada drowning in the snow. When we first arrived, the snow was too deep for snowmobiling off the trail, which limited us to lower elevation pillow lines. We were a huge junk show and wouldn’t get out until about noon, but once we got there the skiing was incredible.

The stormy days continued for a while, but freezing levels began to rise, so the lower elevation snow was turning for the worst. Then, sure enough, the heavens opened up…… and we got our sunny days. It was a bit of a shocker because now we were getting up at 5 a.m. and racing crews, but the terrain was huge and seemed endless. We ended up finding a few cliffs to start off the day, then split the crews to try and be more productive. Eric, Myself, and Sirianni went to hit a cornice that didn’t have the greatest snow for landing, but we sent it anyways. Andy and Shin killed it skiing a few lines, etc…

After that sunny day the weather rolled back in, making a few more down days of watching Gossip Girl and eating Splitz burgers.. The sun once again returned for more early morning wake ups and 13 hour days. The skiing was insane, and if you liked the first webisode, make sure to tune back in for #2, we definitely had some good days..

Join the Nimbus crew for a live chat on Tuesday, March 18th!

Check out Freeskier.com next Tuesday night at 6PM (PST) for a live chat with the dudes from Nimbus Independent. They’ll be answering your questions so go ahead and ask them anything you want! Find out where they’ve been, what life on the road has been like, where they’re headed next and more.

Be sure to check out episode 1 of Hunting Yeti, click here to watch it on Freeskier.com!

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