Nike 6.0 announce collaboration with Buzz Aldrin

Nike 6.0 announce collaboration with Buzz Aldrin

Collaboration between Nike 6.0 and astronaut Buzz Aldrin

The partnership between Nike and Buzz Aldrin is based on a shared passion for performance innovation — constantly exploring and always on the search for the unexpected. Buzz Aldrin serves as an icon of exploration, a space pioneer, and maverick who looked towards the next frontier. His personality, independence and creativity are similar to the mindset of Nike’s 6.0 athletes who are pushing the boundaries of their respective sports. The lunar module pilot and second man to walk on the moon shared his lunar experiences, including photographs from the Apollo 11 mission, to inspire the Nike 6.0 Buzz Aldrin Rocket Hero Mavrk Mid 2.

The Mavrk Mid 2 is constructed with a cold-wrap process, which allows the reduction of material in the outsole for a significantly lighter shoe while reducing the use of harmful solvents. The insertion of a true mid-sole offers increased impact absorption while integrated Nike Free inspired flex-grooves on the outsole allow for torsional flex and board-feel for true lightweight performance. A stitchless toe creates a clean finish and amplifies durability.

This sleek midnight black shoe physically represents the infinite darkness and unseen depths of space, as experienced by Buzz Aldrin. The two-toned Swoosh design mimics the dark and light side of the moon. The upper and toe are printed with one of Buzz’s own photos taken in 1969 whilst orbiting the moon in Apollo 11.

Buzz’s actual footprint, forever stamped into moondust is emblazoned across the insole. Now you can walk in the shoes of a man who spacewalked his way into history.

….Just another small step for mankind.


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