News Flash: Week of April 5, 2023

News Flash: Week of April 5, 2023

Featured image: Courtesy of Snowbird

“News Flash” is FREESKIER’s online column designed to keep you up-to-date with snippets of outdoor news you need to know about. This article is published weekly on Wednesdays and updated throughout the week.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Snowbird

Alta and Snowbird interlodge Monday night and never open Tuesday

This record-setting season continues in Little Cottonwood Canyon with Alta and Snowbird—along with State Route 210—closed on Tuesday due to avalanche danger. The lucky few skiers who stayed in the canyon overnight on Sunday were treated to a country club day on Monday as the road never opened but mitigation efforts continue and there is still no estimated time of opening the canyon or the resorts.

Resorts across the West are extending their seasons

Thanks to the incredible amount of snowfall across the West, resorts from Killington to Snowbird, Mammoth to Beartooth Basin, will be operating for months to come. Click here for a comprehensive FREESKIER approved list of many North American destinations spinning lifts well into the spring.

Thibault Magnin, Megan Oldham claim top spots at Red Bull Infinite Lines

A rowdy big-mountain freeride course in the middle of the French Alps? Sign us up! Formatted as duals, eight ski men and four ski women faced off on one of the most creative competition courses in the world but it was Thibault Magnin and Megan Oldham who claimed victory.

Kye Peterson drops Part Four of his series, Sacred Grounds

Stacked with the biggest spine lines and mid line tricks we’ve seen in this series, Part Four of Sacred Grounds features enormous landscapes unique to the southern coast mountains of British Columbia and a narration with a fresh view on preserving adventure in hopes of concealing info of exact locations to leave unknowns for future generations to explore.

Magma takes on SLVSH CUP

Leaving A-Hall behind, Hunter and Owen board a flight for Spain to make it to the 2023 SLVSH CUP Grandvalira. Sit back and enjoy the Magma madness.

Speaking of SLVSH…

Max Moffat and Nico Porteous go head-to-head in the first round of SLVSH CUP Grandvalira.

More SLVSH CUP content, because why not?

Game two of SLVSH CUP Grandvalira features Kai Mahler against Ian Serra.

Game three of SLVSH CUP for good measure

Simo Peltola and Johan Berg face off in the third round of SLVSH CUP Grandvalira.

You know the drill…Game four

Another round of SLVSH CUP in Spain put Ferdinand Dahl against Aleksander Kongelf.

SLVSH CUP game five

Mikkel BK and Vinny Gagnier lay it all out on the line for game five of SLVSH CUP Grandvalira.

Game six of SLVSH CUP slaps

Siver Voll andn Kuura Koivisto put down their most creative tricks for the sixth round of SLVSH CUP Grandvalira.

Nikolai Schirmer sets his sights and skis on his dream ski line

Nikolai Schirmer is not one to shy away from a challenge so he and his partners return to the line that defeated Schirmer in his film, Wavy. Will he find success on top of this dream line?

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