My Favorite… with Henrik Harlaut

My Favorite… with Henrik Harlaut

He’s our 2011 Skier of the Year, and he’ll certainly be making a strong bid to defend his title this fall—to put it plainly, Henrik Harlaut is so damn hot right now. You admire his stunts on the big screen—and on the little screen, i.e. your computer—but you might not know all that much about Henrik himself. To help you get to know the man underneath the XXXL sweatshirt, we asked him to share some of his favorite things.

My favorite place to hang in the summertime is Stockholm, Sweden. It’s the only time of the year I get to see my homies from back home, and we got them fine ladies there! Although I didn’t get to go back for more than seven days this summer—only 10 days in all of 2012 so far.

My favorite summertime activity is skateboarding.

My favorite place to go skiing is Retallack Lodge, BC.

My favorite park to shred is Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Hall, Harlaut, Casabon. The Education of Style world premiere, Newport Beach. P: Chris O’Connell.

My favorite trick on skis is a nosebutter 900 without any grab, just float through the air and add a shifty if I want to have extra fun.

My favorite place to ski urban is Quebec, Canada.

My top five favorite skiers to watch are Mickael Deschenaux, Tanner Hall, CR Johnson, Candide Thovex and Travis Heed.

My top three favorite athletes (skiers not included) are Nick Tucker, Torey Pudwill and Wayne Gretzky.

My favorite ski film segment of all time I’m going to have to go with Mickael Deschenaux’s part in Exact Science.

My favorite ski trip I’ve ever been on was a pow trip to Retallack with the Inspired fam in 2011, I felt like I was in heaven.

My favorite spring feature we hit this year is the step-up jump we built in the backcountry of Mt. Hood.

My favorite episode of the B&E Show is Muddy Winters.

My favorite thing about The Education of Style is that we made something out of nothing. It ain’t about what camera gear we have or how big the jumps we shoot are, it’s about being creative and being able to capture the amount of fun we had, and with the most style we possibly could.

My favorite thing about Tanner Hall is that he’s dedicated.

My favorite thing about Phil Casabon is that he’s a very good friend that you always can trust, no matter what it’s about. One love, one family, united to death.

My favorite memory from X Games is stomping a bio 1440 in the big air, and not getting more than a 37 for my score, but then having everybody in the whole industry giving me big ups for it.

My favorite city to party in is Stockholm. The music ain’t the best, but I have some rad friends that are super fun to party with there.

My favorite food to eat while on the road I guess is any kind of pasta. I love pasta. I’m on the road about 345 days a year!

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