MMWUC: An amazing GoPro adventure and a five-year-old genius

MMWUC: An amazing GoPro adventure and a five-year-old genius

GoPro shreds the Andes, Bibby drops his self-edit, Vanular is back, Smith returns to its private zone in Idaho, Fischer unveils a new series and Oakley gives us a tease of its 2013 ski team edit. Down below, Aussie Andy is the Ski Burglar, a five-year-old knows every damn country on the map and dudes drop cliffs in airplanes. Plenty to love. Enjoy, and make it a great day out there.

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Best of the Shred

GoPro travels to the heart of the Andes with Dyer, Davenport, more.

Oakley unveils action-packed teaser for its 2013 ski team edit.

Corey Vanular spins his way back into your heart in “No Tomorrow’s.”

Fischer launches new freeski webisode series for 2013/14 season.

Cattabriga-Alosa, Post, Collins, and Crist go hunting for powder in new Prospecting Idaho.

Josh Bibby unveils self-edit packed with backcountry footage from Partly Cloudy.

Best of the Rest

Look at all mah shit! Aussie Andy is the Ski Burglar.

Hit and run goes from bad to worse.

Whoops! Kentucky Wildcats own goal.

Russian dashboard cams always get the good stuff.

Five-year-old Arden Hayes is a genius.

Cliff diving in Alaska with the DoubleEnder Prototype.

Best firework ever? NSFW.

Indian train arrives at station, sleeper car passengers get rude awakening.

Want more? It’s the last day to cast your vote for 2013 Skier of the Year. The final round matchups are: Henrik Harlaut vs. Torin Yater-Wallace on the men’s side, and for the ladies, Kaya Turski vs. Maude Raymond. You decide who wins; vote now.



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