**Live for the Love of Life**

**Live for the Love of Life**

Growing up in the Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire, I have always had a positive outlook on life! Five minutes from Wildcat Mountain always beat the 3 minute drive to school- and the limited snow-days, meant that many more “sick days” to hit the slopes!

Even as a race girl, I still know how to handle free skiing 🙂 Laying down edge to edge on the open midweek hill – human slalom through the crowds, its all fun! I know how to open up and get the conversation rolling! Even going to school in VT has gotten me to ski more mountains and let it rip down new slopes!

But no matter where I go, I know my true roots “The White Mountains”….

Being able to look out onto the beautiful view of the “White’s”, has taught me to enjoy, relax, and take in what you got! These sights attract so many people from a far, and I am the one living in the moment!

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