Limited Time Offer: Get six issues of Freeskier for just $5

Limited Time Offer: Get six issues of Freeskier for just $5


The telephone rings at your parents' house. Your mother answers the phone.

You: "Hey Mom, guess what?! Freeskier is offering a super summer subscription savings deal from now until July 20, so you could buy me a one-year subscription as an early birthday present, and it'll cost you the same amount of money as your morning coffee at Starbucks!"

Your Mother: "Why gee, honey! How do we order one for you? What do you get as part of the deal?"

You: "It's easy, you just go to Freeskier.com/subscribe and it's all laid out for you there. You can get one year's worth of magazines for $5.00, and that's six issues, or two years for $8.00, or three years for $10.00—and that's like, 18 awesome issues for the price of that crazy toothbrush you bought me a few months ago."

Your Mother: "Well that sounds easy enough. That's so nice of the Freeskier team to offer a great deal like this."

You: "I know. They're awesome. And so are you, Mom."

Your Mother: "Well on that note, I think we'll go with the three-year deal."

Whether this is how it goes down, or whether you decide to go and subscribe on your own right now, the bottom line is the same: We're hooking you up through July 20, because that's what friends do—they do nice things for their friends.

Follow this link and take advantage of the offer now.

If you want to be sure you'll get all six issues of Volume 15—beginning with the 2013 Buyer's Guide—you must subscribe by July 20, 2012. From Canada or overseas? Don't fret. We'll ship to you, too. You'll just have to pay a little extra for shipping and handling. All the info you need is right here.


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