Lauren from Tahoe

Lauren from Tahoe

Skiing is second nature to me, and something I have been enjoying since about the same time I started walking. I grew up with a big brother and his friends to keep up with, and a little sister to compete with. I raced on my high school ski team with my dad as coach, taught five years of ski school at our local resort (where I still work at as a cocktail waitress) and have travelled to ski all throughout Tahoe and Colorado resorts, as well as Mammoth and Kirkwood, CA. One of my fondest memories of skiing is back country towing behind a snow mobile to get freshies at the top of Vail Pass on a powder day. While missing skiing in the summer, I enjoy camping out at lakes and taking part in all water sports, including slalom skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and a few other sports on water. I also have years of experience promotion and photo modeling. The most exciting so far was working as a “3D Girl” for Sea Doo in 2004/2005. With the years of skiing, acting and modeling experience in my history, I know I can meet the on paper qualifications to be a Lange girl. Aside from that, I would be thrilled to be a part in representing the sport I have so much passion for. I am thrilled to engage in conversation with anyone, always smiling, and love nothing more than steep and deep on a pair of skis!

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