Lange Girl Contest Begins!

Lange Girl Contest Begins!

Lange Girl Contest Live Now!

Today is day one of the inaugural local Lange Girl Contest.

Freeskier and Lange will pick Local Lange Girl models from winners of the inaugural “Lange Girl Search.” Think Lange Girl for the YouTube generation. Instead of using models or pro Lange athletes, we’re hosting an online contest to let ripping ski chicks from across the nation get a shot at joining the Lange Girl tradition through a Local Lange Girl program.

Here’s how it works: if you think you have what it takes to be a Local Lange Girl, start gathering photos or video showing us who you are and how you ski, and 300 words on why we should pick you.


We’re almost finished with a custom contest entry site, but for the next few days, here’s how to enter:

1) Make sure you have a Freeskier.com profile. If not, Click here to get one.

2) Write a 300 word post telling us why you should be a Lange Girl. You’ll see a place to choose a “channel” for your post. Please select Lange Girl so we know you’re entering the contest.

3) If you have photos, upload them and attach them to the post. There’s an button at the bottom of the page to upload photos.

4) Hit save, and you’re in.

5) If you have video, go to the video upload page. You can also choose the channel “Lange Girl” there as well. Once it’s done, go back and attach it to your Lange Girl entry post.

And that’s it for now. Don’t worry, you can always go back to your post or videos and edit, update and change.

Once the official contest site is up and running, we’ll move all the contest entries over there for you.


Freeskier and Lange will select up to four women to represent Lange at regional events, plus one national winner who will represent Lange on a part-time paid basis at bigger events, including the SIA tradeshow in Las Vegas. She’ll score a Lange/Dynastar setup and work with Freeskier on a Gear Girl portrait next year. Plus, all regional winners will make out with some Lange and Freeskier schwag.

We’ll accept entries through December 31.

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