Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 3

Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 3

Welcome to the Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 3, brought to you all the way from Trysil, Norway, where the best freeskiers in the world have gathered to represent their respective countries and session Jon Olsson’s jump creations.

The day started early, with a 5:50 AM wake up call for the riders, filmers and photographers. Just a short walk from the SAS Radisson Hotel where everyone is staying, the feature this morning was a mini [used loosely] JOI style jump. Super booty and pretty big, the athletes wasted no time in making this thing their bitch. TJ Schiller was the first to guinea the jump, and after that, the gloves were off.

Team Sweden [Jon Olsson and Jacob Wester] were hitting the jump tandem, first doing rodeo 540s, then upping the ante to cork 900s, and finally unleashing dual Kangaroo flips, while the heli swooped overhead with their filmer. Team Norway [Andreas HÃ¥tveit and PK Hunder] were not to be outdone and were dialing dual 360s all day, with filmer Jon HÃ¥tveit in hot pursuit of the pair. Team America [Simon Dumont and Tom Wallisch] dropped everything from switch 1080s, to zero spins, even hitting the jump tandem a few times. Team Down Under [Jossi Wells and Russ Henshaw] were on a trick mission as well, rodeos, 180s and even dub cork 1260s from Russ. Team Canada [TJ Schiller and Ian Cosco] slayed like there was nothing else to do in Canada but ski. Team USA [Colby West and John Symms] spent the morning perfecting tricks for their filmers’ lenses, while Team Europe [Laurent Favre and Henrik Harlaut] dropped dubs and screamin’ seamens.

Tom Wallish looks pretty comfortable.

TJ Schiller, signature style.

Jon and Jacob, tandem rodeos.

Colby James West.

Jacob Wester frames the shot with some foreground props while Laurent does his thing.

All of the teams were throwing down, despite it being too early to move, no breakfast and it being icy and gusty. Dubs were going down, shutters were clicking and cameras were being dollied around. The weather forecast doesn’t look super positive in the future here in Trysil, so the boys were bagging as much as they could. Currently all the boys are getting their gear ready to up the mountain and slay a hip jump for a late afternoon/sunset session.

Filming from precarious positions, check.

Stay tuned to Freeskier.com, Jon-Olsson.com and JOSupersessions.com for all the updates, pics and videos.

Big ups to SAS Radisson for having the best breakfast in the world to come home to after an early, cold day of shooting.

The Radisson breakfast, the best.

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