James Woods Wins the 2011 Backyard Battle Big Air

James Woods Wins the 2011 Backyard Battle Big Air

Sudndalen, Norway — Thursday night saw the finale of the third Backyard Battle contest held in Andreas Håtveit's own built backyard park with British freeskier James Woods claiming his second top place following his win at the earlier rail jam contest.

With the fast lapping on sno scotters at Andreas home made park the adrenalin was pumping as the eight qualified riders fought each in a thrilling knockout contest. Halvard Thon, the late entry Norwegian replacing an injured Jossi Wells wowed the crowd with some amazingly stylish big switch 10s and rodeo 9s whilst fellow Norwegian Thomas Dølplads stomped a some magnificent dub 1260s. The speed of the action gave the audience a thrilling show as the fast lapping left no minute to spare with even the side slippers dropping in between knockouts doing cool 7s and 10s.


In the final last year's big air winner Norwegian Klaus Finne battled it out with the new wizz kid on the scene Brit James Woods, fresh from his Euro X-Games podium. Finne threw down fantastic dub 10s and 12s but too often missed his landings leaving James Woods with his picture perfect, clean landed dub 12s to take the top spot with ease.

"I am stoked, it feels so great, just brilliant, I came here with no expectations at all," said James Woods. "I was just stoked to be invited so to win the big air and the rail jam, i just can not say enough how stoked I am!"


Ole Mustad

"This whole week has been amazing," continued Woodsy. "I have just never seen a set up like this before, this is one of the best parks around for sure, when you hear it called a "backyard park" you think it means a little jib but this is a really, serious set up with snow cats, lights, snow canons, massive features a shaping crew and everything, it is such an excellent well shaped park its amazing to see and to ride."


The judges.

"It was a super sick night for sure," recounts Håtveit. "Thomas Dølplads, Klaus Finne and Woodsy had the tricks to take it all the way. Klaus had bad luck on his landings all night but Woodsy laid down clean 12s every time and deservedly won the title, so overall a great night and a super end to the event."

Knock Out Results: (name in bold indicates winner)
Klaus Finne vs Sigbjørn Tviet
Thomas Dølplads vs Halvard Thon
James Woods vs PC Fosse
Ole Mustad vs Elvis Harshiem
Klaus Finne vs Ole Mustad
James Woods vs Thomas Dølplads
Third place consolation round:
Thomas Dølplads vs Ole Mustad
James Woods vs Klaus Finne  
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