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It’s bobsled time: Anders Backe drops into Lillehammer Olympic bobsled course… on skis!

Anders Backe is a professional skier with a knack for doing crazy shit. Like last year when he fooled the internet that he’d done a backflip on skis with his infant child strapped to his back. Or the time when he skied the rail of his dreams on a cruise ship in Norway. Well, this time, Backe has upped the ante once more: taking on the infamous Lillehammer Olympic bobsled course on a pair of skis.

In his own words: “I got the opportunity to test it out and ski down the bobsleigh track in Lillehammer now in march just before they closed down for the season. It was my first time checking out this kind of track and I never skied down something like this before. With rock solid ice from the top to bottom and no possibilities to slow down/stop/regret in any way, it was a bit exciting dropping in from the top for the first time. The course is pretty long and when you first drop in you just have to go a long with the fun on the way down on the pure ice and just trying to keep the balance, adjust the skis for every curve and just count that it will slow down by itself when you reach the finish line!”


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