IF3 keeps on rolling into day two

IF3 keeps on rolling into day two

Day two of IF3 Montréal was a whirlwind affair, with Cinema Imperial firing on all cylinders, with 10 movies and edits on the docket. While some of the smaller companies like Chaoz Productions and Follow Us were up in the early afternoon, it was the last five flicks that brought down the house. On Top of the Hood, Retallack: The movie, Animus, Prime Cut and After Dark showed in succession, offering a wide array of skiing entertainment.


Cinema Imperial gettin' busy

On Top of the Hood was Sammy Carlson's nearly two-month summer project, where he and his crew (John Spriggs, Ben Moxham, et al) hand shaped massive features, set to the alluring grandeur of Mt. Hood and her breathtaking sunsets. The juxtaposition of hard hitting beats and beautiful cinematography blend together nicely as the boys take on step ups, hips, quarterpipes, rails to gaps and other trickery. Edited by Eric Pollard, the flick has a nice and unique feel to it. On Top of the Hood is short, sweet and well worth its price tag (free, September 19), don't miss this one.

Laurent Favre about Sammy Carlson's On Top of the Hood

Retallack: The Movie was up next. After Tanner Hall, Spriggs and Moxham introduced the piece, the lights dimmed to give the viewers a glimpse of what makes Retallack so unique and arguably the most well-known cat operation in our industry. Part documentary, part eye candy, Retallack delivers what it was meant to: powder. With a nearly endless BC bounty, Tanner, Spriggs, Moxy, Phil Casabon and the Provos shred Retallack like they were meant to. Ultimately the movie is mellower than full-speed ski porn flicks, but the end result works: make a movie shredding the best powder BC can offer and people will like it.


A packed house watches Meathead's Prime Cuts

Animus, the latest offering from France's PVS Productions, set the bar for European filmmakers. While North American companies make a concerted effort to blend big mountain and freestyle, Animus does it smoothly, showcasing the big mountains that make up their back yard. With hard hitting segments from Arnaud Kugener, Lolo Favre and Sam Favret, French skiing has never looked so good. Also, check out little Kelly Sildaru's part. She's only 10; she's pretty good.

Rory Bushfield talks about Animus

Between each block of movies there is a short intermission to stretch the legs, refill the drink and grab some air (or if you're form Quebec, grab a smoke). After a quick refresher, it was back to your seats for the two marquee showings of the night, Meathead and Level 1. Although this reporter found that if you leave your seat for the intermission, you definitely won't have one when you return. It's that busy in there.

Meathead's annual offering (now 10 years in!) is called Prime Cuts. Staying true to the company's East Coast roots (and Far East roots) Prime Cuts not only offers the best of the East's pow and big mountain skiing, but creative and very technical urban from Will Wesson, LJ Strenio, the Gagniers and their ilk. With a sensibility all their own and a glaze that those from New England can appreciate, the Meatheads once again deliver. Oh, and check out Dan Marion and Erik Olsen ripping moguls 80s style with Radio Ron and the Hammer. It could be the best segment of the year.

Joe Schuster speaks on Meathead Films Prime Cuts

Level 1, the night's hotly anticipated big hitter, dropped After Dark on Montréal. Recently the company held the World Premiere for the film in Denver last week, only adding to the anticipation and energy for the film. I'll get right down to it. Parker White opens with a creative and varied segment. Mike Hornbeck, Ahmet Dadali, Wiley Miller and Adam Delorme all put out inspired performances. Phil Casabon, Alex Bellemare and Tom Wallisch have cameos that would make other movie's full segments drool. With a solid soundtrack, great production value and insane riding, I wouldn't be surprised if After Dark takes home some awards at the Palmes IF3 Awards Saturday night.

Riley Leboe speaks on Level 1's After Dark

After the long day of viewing, IF3 goers relaxed to some drinks and beats at the Red Bull Tanner Hall Inspired Reggae show at Metropolis. Cali P, Jam Cutta and Black Phantom Sound but on quite a show in the massive concert venue. Cali's second year performing at IF3, the reggae star has surely found a following in Montréal, far from his native Jamaica.


Cali P. rocks Metropolis. p: Dan Brown

But after another long day and night at IF3, the show must go on as day three looms. With 14 webisodes and movies showing, the IF3 goers will definitely get their money's worth. Heavy hitters on deck? Legs of Steel, Voleurz, PBP, MSP and Field Productions. Stay tuned for more.

For more information, visit if3.ca.

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