In Case You Missed It

ICYMI: Watch this week’s best skiing videos and other Internet gold

ICYMI: Watch this week’s best skiing videos and other Internet gold

Looking for a recap of last week’s greatest Internet happenings? Never fear, team FREESKIER is here. From last week’s best ski videos, to the most hilarious and entertaining vids to storm the inter-web, we’ve compiled a list of Grade A content for your viewing pleasure. Peep the vids below, and tune in every Monday to catch the previous week’s top highlights.

In Case You Missed It…

The best from freeskier.com

James Heim’s 2015 Bonus Footage

James Heim ripping big-mountain zones in ultra high-definition 4K? Um, yes please!

Marcus Caston dominates Alaska for four-straight minutes

Utah’s own Marcus Caston is one of the most talented skiers I’ve ever had the pleasure to rip with. The dude can set a powerful edge on the steepest, iciest of slopes, and he is not afraid to chuck his meat off of monster cliffs. Most importantly, though, Caston simply loves the sport of skiing and he enjoys chasing storms across the globe at any expense.

Watch the Völkl big-mountain team take on Lofoten, Norway

“The Lofoten is a chain of Islands stretching deep into the Arctic ocean in Norway,” writes Völkl via its Youtube channel. “Traditional Lofoten is known as one of the richest fishing grounds in the world, but more recently it has become known for it’s excellent ski touring. The BMT [Big Mountain Touring] team, Austin Ross, Stian Hagen, Ingrid Backstrom and Christina Lusti travelled to Lofoten in February, quite early for going this far north, to capture some of the magic light and skiing that happens in the Arctic winter.”

Park skiing phenom Mac Forehand is at it again

Rising slopestyle star Mac Forehand is on the park slay once again. The East Coast kid recently traveled to Colorado’s Breckenridge and Keystone for some terrain park fun with the rest of his Stratton Mountain School teammates. The video above serves as evidence that Forehand better get a nice pair of sunglasses, because his future is mighty bright.

The best from around the web

Flexible Neck Kid


This kid must be related to an owl or something. He’s really taking the whole “keep your head on a swivel” advice literally.

What a World Champion Whistler Sounds Like

My world champion whistling career starts now. Watch out Christopher Ullman, I’m coming for the title.

Wine Bottle Magic

I can think of a couple of other ways to make some wine disappear.

Grandma Tries VR; Mind Blown

Grandma just had her world rocked. Her mind absolutely blown to bits. I can’t imagine what happened when she took the goggles off and realized that she had to return to life as it is. I’m sure she wants a refund on her previous 80 years. Technology for the win.

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