Have an iPhone? Download The North Face Snow Report App!

Have an iPhone? Download The North Face Snow Report App!

The North Face has secretly been keeping a team of nerds locked up in the basement of a secret bunker for the past 6 months working on an iPhone application that every skier must have.

Introducing The North Face Snow Report application, available for the steep cost of $0 in the iTunes App Store.

Let’s bring you through this must have app, shall we?

Touch the icon, here’s the welcome screen. Which you can customize with a litany of customizable backgrounds from North Face athletes in all sorts of exotic locations. Sorry, you can’t put your own lame-ass skiing shots there, they want you to enjoy their eye candy.

Once you’ve got this bad larry loaded up and are past the welcome screen you’re able to add in your favorite resorts. Simply search for their name and add away.

While I live in Colorado and for the most part frequent front range resorts, I like to keep it real by having Sunday River right up top. Fully customizable, easy to use. Me likie.

Here’s what the snow report screen looks like.
You’re treated to a 4 day forecast, current conditions, base depth, and a few other options. The NOAA link is sweet, just in case you don’t believe the hype coming from the resort’s snow report.

Snow likely, hmmm. Maybe I should make the 2100 mile trip back home?

Another sweet feature, if you’re at the resort or just want to pull up the trail map. In typical iPhone fashion you can pinch to zoom, pan around and get your geek on.

Bounce back to the resorts screen and check out your other favorites. Hmm, I wonder what Breckenridge will be like this weekend.

Odd, the report doesn’t mention that there is a 100% chance of tourists or gaper-gap.

You can also pull up each resort on Google Maps. Pretty sweet if you’re at the resort and need directions to the bar or need to meet friends somewhere.

In closing, you should go get this application immediately. It is FREE and lets you get snow reports quickly. Did I mention it was free?

Good work, North Face. I owe you a beer, or something.

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