Groove to sustainable sound with two headphones by House of Marley

Groove to sustainable sound with two headphones by House of Marley


A while back we checked out the Bag of Rhythm, a portable audio system by House of Marley. We were impressed, and decided to see what else they had to keep our ears happy. In our search, we found two noteworthy headphones:

From the Jammin Collection comes the Positive Vibration [pictured left]. Available in three color options—Rasta, Roots and Sun—they are classified as “on-ear headphones” but feel more like “over-the-ear” as you take in the rich sound emanating from the 50mm coiled drivers. Between your head and the recycled aluminum/steel earpieces are two plush ear cushions that seal you off from outside annoyances while keeping you comfortable during extended jam sessions. The lightweight, padded headband is wrapped in natural canvas and holds it all in place while a 52” cord—encased in fabric to avoid static as well as time-consuming tangles—connects you to your beats. For an extra 20-spot, Apple fans can upgrade their cord to include a 3-button remote with built-in mic that is designed to work with your Pod, Pad, or Phone. Jah-man. The Positive Vibration starts at $59.99.

hom_1_1_0.jpgFor those who are ready to spoil their eardrums just a little more, check out the Exodus [right]. Sporting an all-natural look, the headband is made from recycled wood with leather and overshadowed by lightweight Beech wood. One listen through these and you’ll be inspired by the high-definition tones they produce and the fantastic intonation heard all the way through the highs, mids and soulful lows that Marley is known for. While we found the sound quality to be superior in the Exodus, the elasticity in the headband was a little tight, causing it to squeeze over the top of the head and pull the earpieces up slightly.

A plus for those that go the Exodus route is the 3-button remote with built-in mic that comes standard on the cord. While the remote is designed to work with Apple devices, the center button will answer and end calls on most smart phones. The Exodus retails for $149.99.

House of Marley is doing its part to keep the music lovers of the world in a constant state of I-ree. Check ’em out at thehouseofmarley.com.

Pros: Recycled and sustainable materials used in production
Cons: Fit of the Exodus takes some getting used to

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