Get ready to download “44 Days” by Kris Ostness.

Get ready to download “44 Days” by Kris Ostness.

Friday: 9/26 Update

Our Apologies.
Ostness is still working on the flick. He’s doing two projects for us, Skiing Is____ and 44 Days and in typical Ostness fashion he wants them to meet his standards before he lets them loose. He has guaranteed me he will have the film ready to launch next week. Please don’t hate on Freeskier, they are not to blame here. Kris will be writing an explanation letter tonight to post so watch our Team Updates for that.
Again, sorry for the delay, but in the end I hope everyone is stoked on the project.

Jordan Judd
Marketing Director,
Atomic USA

So there it is folks. Hang tight for one more week. We’re just as bummed as you are but believe me when I say that Kris is pouring everything he’s got into making this something you’ll watch over and over again.

Bummed? Pissed off? Suicidal? Light up the comments. Just remember that Atomic and Kris are bringing this to you 100% for free and that it is delayed just so it can be even better!

-Digital Dave

About 44 Days

For 44 Days During the 2007/2008 Winter, renowned ski film maker Kris Ostness followed Atomic’s team of freestyle skiers, capturing their unique styles and personalities. In a whirlwind of filming from the X Games to the Utah Backcountry with a stop at Park City Mountain Resort along the way, the crew of Tim Durtschi, Jossi Wells, Chris Benchetler, Dylan Natale, Brandon Becker, Kevin Brower and Angeli VanLaanen threw down, proving they are one of the industry’s most creative and dynamic groups of skiers.

According to Atomic Marketing Director Jordan Judd, “The goal of 44 Days was to provide a vehicle to showcase the talent and personalities of our athletes in a fresh new way. We didn’t want to simply take existing footage and remix it. We wanted to partner with one of the world’s best and most creative filmmakers to produce a short film that was comprised of totally unique footage.“ The mix of both classic Utah jumps and some new features, coupled with Kris’ keen eye for interesting angles and his unconventional blend of editing style and music selection, promises to deliver a team video unlike any other.

Filmed entirely by Ostness in HD, 44 Days will be available for free through a partnership with Freeskier and iTunes. All you’ve got to do is subscribe to the Freeskier Magazine Podcast on iTunes and you’ll automatically get the movie on September 15th when it drops on iTunes!

Important Release Information

Release Date: September 24th
Available At:The Freeskier Magazine Podcast on iTunes & Freeskier.com
Video Length:15-20 Minutes
Produced By:Kris Ostness (Teddy Bear Crisis ring a bell?)
Available Download Resolutions:HD 720p .mov, 480p .mov, 640×360 .m4v
Riders:Chris Benchetler, Kevin Brower, Brandon Becker, Dylan Natale, Angeli VanLaanen, Tim Durtschi, Jossi Wells

How do I download the movie?

Podcast Subscribers: If you are already a subscriber of the Freeskier Magazine Podcast on iTunes you will AUTOMATICALLY receive 44 Days on September 15th!
Not a Podcast Subscriber? Click here to subscribe to the Freeskier Magazine Podcast on iTunes. You must have iTunes installed on your computer for this link to work. Once you hit the subscribe button in iTunes, you are all set.

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