Gear Spotlight: YETI Tundra Haul

Gear Spotlight: YETI Tundra Haul

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YETI Tundra Haul

Buy Now — $399.99

YETI just rolled in with a brand-new cooler that’s bigger and better than anything they’ve made before. Known for manufacturing products that offer the utmost durability and insulation, YETI upped the Tundra family ante with the new Tundra Haul. A bit larger than the Tundra 65, the Tundra Haul can fit 45 cans–or 55 pounds of ice—that’s guaranteed to stay cold days into your next excursion.

To make carrying that load easier, the Tundra Haul is the first YETI cooler to be equipped with two impact- and puncture-resistant wheels and a 100-percent aluminum handlebar long enough so the cooler won’t catch your heels while you walk. To even the load between its wheels, YETI pushed out the Haul’s width and also boosted its height to accommodate a bottle of wine–winos, rejoice!

Trust those beers or your next week’s worth of meals will stay cold, even in triple-digit temps, thanks to its Rotomolded Construction and PermaFrost insulation. Added bonus: the Tundra Haul is available in a new color, charcoal gray.

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