Freeskier Visits the Nike Campus [Video]

Freeskier Visits the Nike Campus [Video]

About thirty minutes outside of Portland, OR nestled in the little suburban town of Beaverton lies the headquarters for the worlds most recognizable sports brand- Nike.

Dubbed the “Nike Campus”, the headquarters resemble exactly that; it’s a large campus, which is most likely bigger than the one where you go to school at now. When you first walk onto the campus you are greeted by a picturesque lake. Located around that lake are athletic facilities that would make most professional sports programs jealous. Full length soccer fields, a pool, a full length golf hole, a track and a running trail goes all the way around the campus. To compliment the athletic facilities they also have buildings named after all time great Nike athletes like Lance Armstrong, Ken Griffey Jr, Tiger Woods, Mia Hamm and Ellery Hollingsworth. These building house everything from Nike’s future shoe designs to things so secret you can’t even see them should you pass the retinal scan test.

Not a shabby place to work

While I was recently in Oregon, I had the unique opportunity to visit the campus, check out the 6.0 offices and chat with Megan Koehn, the North American PR Manager for Nike 6.0. Megan gave me the VIP tour of the campus and the lowdown on everything Nike 6.0.

Started in 1999 Nike made the move into action sports with skateboarding. Now years later, Nike produces products for all action sports. From surfing to skiing Nike 6.0 continues to add to their already impressive list of Nike divisions.

Even though in it’s infant stage Nike 6.0 has broken into the ski scene in a big way. With skiers like Sammy Carlson, Simon Dumont, Jossi Wells, TJ Schiller and Andreas Hatveit Nike has some of the biggest names in the game representing their threads and standing atop contest podiums around the globe.

Holding it down in the 6.0 hallway are Nike 6.0 skiers TJ, Jossi and Simon

While haters can hate, quote me on this, 6.0 is the real deal. They are utilizing the knowledge and resources of the best designers and engineers in the world to produce quality products that don’t only look banger but function well too.

For more on Nike 6.0 check out nike6.com and to enter the Nike Freeskier contest, click HERE.

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