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Fischer’s all-new Ranger series is designed to get you out skiing as much as possible

No matter where you live in the world or what kind of skiing you like to do, whether it’s foot-powered or lift-powered, Fischer’s number one goal with the complete overhaul of its Ranger series is to get everyone out skiing more. From the versatile, front-side 96 slicer to the big and sturdy 116, Fischer’s new collection of Ranger tools can solve just about any conditions conundrum winter may throw at you.

Designed in collaboration with its stacked team of athletes, including Lynsey Dyer, Kyle Smaine, Sandra Lahnsteiner and Trace Cooke, the new Fischer Ranger series is better than it has ever been before. All you have to do for a guaranteed good time is suit up and click in. To learn more about other skis in the lineup, check out the posts linked below.

Ranger 96 — Designed for precision trenching

Ranger 102 — Versatility for intuitive riding

Ranger 108 — A quiver-killer for every day

Ranger 116 — The powder-slashing weapon

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