Fantasy Freeride… We’re Sorry, Our Bad

Fantasy Freeride… We’re Sorry, Our Bad

Hello Everyone!

As echoed in the thread on the FFL forum, we messed up pretty big. As this is the busiest two weeks in our season, for our entire staff, we’ve been running around like crazy, trying to do coverage, our partnerships and trade shows, in addition to fun things like FFL and RTC.

We know we messed up and didn’t open trading until Thurs. We should have been more on the ball but we weren’t. Trading is currently open, but will soon be closed for women’s finals at the US Open. A little over an hour and a half to be exact. Hopefully everyone hit the window to trade, and we promise that the rest of the year will be better. Trading will open the day after an event ends (ie, event ends Sunday, it’ll be open by Monday night). For any invonvenience, we’re sorry.

We’d hope that you’ll continue to come to the site for all your news and information and special pieces that only we offer. Again, we’re sorry and we’re on top of it now.


The Freeskier Staff



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