Top 10 Shades to hit the Trail with this Summer

Top 10 Shades to hit the Trail with this Summer

Featured Image: Andrew Maguire

Outdoor enthusiasts! It’s time to dust off that summer gear and get out there, but no adventure is complete without the right eye protection. Whether it’s a river trip, flying down single track, long days on the bike, a summit attempt or just cruising around town, the right pair of sunnies makes all the difference.

Yet, when choosing a new pair of shades there are so many options. To kickstart your summer adventures, we have compiled a list of our favorites. Scroll on to find the style that strikes your fancy and come catch some rays with us!

Smith Motive

Featuring interchangeable lenses for longer rides and a half frame that doesn’t obstruct peripheral vision, the Motive is Smith’s newest pair of biking sunglasses. A full-coverage lens and renowned ChromaPop technology protects from stray debris and the sun while maintaining the ability to see fine details in the terrain needed for riding fast. The Motive is built for ripping local trails and conquering that elusive rock drop.

Oakley Kato

Built for speed and undeniable style, Oakley presents the Kato. Whether you’re hunting KOMs (for you Strava enthusiasts) or fighting for a new PB, Oakley’s tried and true Prizm technology provides a crystal clear view at high speeds and the innovative wrap design comfortably hugs your face leaving no excuses on the table. The Kato fuels athletes to compete at the highest standard with premium coverage and an extended field of view.

Scott Torica Light Sensitive

A modern design and large field of view define the Scott Torica. There’s no need for two lenses here; the Torica features a light-sensitive lens that adjusts for optimal vision depending on how light or dark the surroundings may be, allowing for longer rides in all sorts of conditions. Fitted with rubber temples, the sunglasses feel comfortable around the ears and fit seamlessly into a helmet when not in use.

Uvex Mountain Classic P

Making a summit attempt requires the highest quality in eye protection, and Uvex delivers with a purpose-driven product that oozes retro style. The Mountain Classic P boasts a timeless design featuring removable side guards to regulate the amount of lateral light and Polavision technology protects from intense reflection and glare.

Zeal Confluence

New to Zeal’s lineup this summer, the Confluence is a stylish, medium-wrap pair of sunglasses built from plant-based frames, offering the perfect combination of style and performance. This duality breeds versatility with just enough wrap to protect from extremely bright conditions yet maintaining the sleek look of flat-framed lifestyle shades.

Spy Cedros

Named after San Diego’s vibrant design district, the Cedros sunglasses merge classic and contemporary styles, making them a versatile choice for any outfit. These shades are not just about looks; they feature innovative technology, crafted with 50% bioplastic material. They also boast HAPPY Lens technology, scientifically shown to boost mood and alertness while enhancing color and contrast. Specially designed for smaller faces, the Cedros elevate your style from the trail straight into après.

Dragon Baile H20

The Baile LL H20 features a stylish flat frame that allows a comfortable fit and seamless pocket storage. Built with floatable TPX, these sunglasses are perfect for enjoying summer rivers and lakes without the dreaded fear of them sinking to their demise. Featuring Lumalens technology, these sunnies protect from the intense glare off the water while highlighting the minute details.

Bollé Arcadia

Designed for smaller faces, the Bollé Arcadia features a square aviator frame with a subtle nod to classic mountaineer retro style. Made of 45% bio-based material, these sunglasses not only appeal to the eco-conscious, but boast a design that enhances facial features without overwhelming them. These shades deliver this aesthetic beautifully without overcrowding the face, as similar styles tend to do. Designed with Thermo-grip that prevents slipping and sliding during activities regardless of sweat, and snap hinges that protect against accidents and improve longevity.


Boasting a sleek, full-coverage frame and interchangeable lenses, the Aim is ready to protect and enhance every bike ride. The Aim features Zeiss lenses for a crystal-clear view no matter the environment, and Re-Pel technology that repels dust and sweat, making the lenses easier to keep clean.

Ombraz Leggero

Gone are the days of pressure points above the ears; the Ombraz Leggero features an armless design, replacing them with an elastic strap. These shades are lightweight, very packable, super durable, and fit nearly every head with a customizable fit. Coupled with quality Zeiss lenses for great sun protection and clarity, these one-of-a-kind shades are redefining sunglasses.

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