Get the shot… at Momentum Camps

Get the shot… at Momentum Camps

Images often speak louder than words: Although thoughts and reflections can be written down, commemorating a trip, an experience or a feeling, there’s something unique about a picture that captures a moment, essentially freezing it in time. But, how do the great photographers and filmmakers make their images stand out from the rest?

The tricks of the trade are often learned over time by trial and error, but if you happen to find the right mentor, this process can be streamlined. At Momentum’s Exposure Film + Photo Camp, professional photographers and filmmakers are ready to share the industry’s secrets and help fine tune skills behind the lens and in the editing room.

Long time ski photographer, magazine editor and self-proclaimed “Master of Ceremonies” at Exposure Camp, Jeff Schmuck, has been around since the first session in 2012. “One of the reasons we started Exposure,” notes Schmuck, “is that for every four or five kids who want to learn how to do tricks and become a pro skier when they’re older, they’ve got a friend who doesn’t want to hit the jumps… [instead,] they want to learn how to take pictures and make videos of their friends, and Exposure gives them the opportunity to do that.”

In past years, campers have had the chance to work closely with coaches such as photographers Blake Jorgensen and Reuben Krabbe (mastermind of the inspiring Eclipse photo shoot) and cinematographers Josh Berman (Level 1), Mike Douglas (Switchback and Salomon Freeski TV), Nick Martini (Stept), Dave Mossop (Sherpas Cinema), Darren Rayner (Voleurz, Magnafire) as well as Johnny Decesare and Tyler Hamlet (Poor Boyz).

For up-and-coming content creators, the information that can be absorbed at Momentum’s week long camp is invaluable. The program includes on mountain action shoots, using some of the world’s top skiers as their subjects. In the afternoon and evenings, post-production techniques are focused on in the camp’s private editing suite. In addition, industry veterans and guest speakers help inspire and educate campers about the ins-and-outs of the industry, i.e. how to submit work to magazines, what photo editors look for in stills, how to create compelling video content and other do’s and don’ts of the media biz.

While skiing is the main focus, the camp also organizes other action sports shoots to broaden campers’ skill sets. “One of the things the campers don’t often realize until they show up is that we give them the opportunity to shoot things outside of skiing,” explains Schmuck. “We shoot mountain biking, kayaking, skateboarding, all kinds of things—so that they can have that chance to diversify their photography and filmmaking.”

Many of the campers have gone on to work in the industry themselves and Exposure has helped give them the confidence and the tools to get there.

“The most important thing I learned from Exposure Camp was not only how to photograph action sports, but also how to navigate the industry itself,” said former camper Meghan LaHatte in a recent interview. “Now… I am the Mountain Sports photographer for Western State Colorado University, [and] I am constantly applying the tips and lessons I obtained from my past sessions at Momentum.”

Camper Slideshows

“Momentum Slideshow” by Jaimie Szarko
“Momentum 2017 Edit” by Nate Petersen
“Our Climate” by Jackson Madden

“Daydream” by Meghan LaHatte

Exposure runs from July 2-10, in Whistler Canada.

For further information visit www.momentumskicamps.com.

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