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Relive the magic: Skiing above the Arctic Circle amidst a total solar eclipse

On March 20, 2015, photographer Reuben Krabbe realized a lifelong dream—capture an image of skiers in front of a total solar eclipse.

From his spot on the glacier in Svalbard, Norway, Krabbe, through his telephoto lens, watched skiers Cody Townsend, Chris Rubens and Brody Leven gather hundreds of feet above along an arctic spine as sun disappeared behind the moon. With the first total solar eclipse visible in North America since 1918 approaching this Monday, August 21, it’s only right to relive these fleeting moments from the Arctic Circle once again.

“It was like a sci-fi movie. It felt like something completely alien,” commented Townsend.

“To see it—[it sent] big beautiful shivers down my spine. It was just magical,” said filmmaker Bjarne Salen.

More shots from the epic ski expedition:

Skiers Cody Townsend, Brody Leven and Chris Rubens head out from basecamp the morning of the eclipse.

Photographer Rueben Krabbe has never disclosed which skier is silhouetted in this stunning image.

Filmmaker Bjarne Salen enjoys the aurora borealis just outside the tent at basecamp.

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