Alrighty guys there are a ton of reasons why I should become one of your Lange girls.

I’M A 21 YEAR OLD BABE AND I RIP IT. Ha, that was the cockiest thing I think I have ever said about myself.. but anyway.
Coming out of NJ from a serious racing background, competing in the J.O.’s, champion for 4 years straight, training in Canada, Chile, and up and down the North East. I’ve skied the absolute WORST and BEST conditions and terrain out there. Well maybe not “out there” but I got plenty o’ years to tear up some more of the snow lands in this world and find out. Based in NJ my entire life, I have grown an immense appreciation for every chance I get to leave here and experience a new place. Every run I take I gotta be down first,fresh courderoy, through the woods, over bumps, off kickers.. whatever it is, I’ll be the first through and the first down. If you’re draggin around me, just meet me at the bar at the end of the day!
I love this earth. And I love my life.
K2, representin.
I drive stick, and will till the day I die.
Athletic alllllll ma life.
I’m the singer in a band- Keitcho’s Peachos.
No trender, style poser here. Erika Simmons is one of her own.
My personality is unlike any you’ll ever meet.
My sense of humor is the basis to my living.
I will make friends and talk with anyone and everyone.
Outgoing, isn’t even outgoing enough to describe me.
I remember faces like it’s my job.
I work wicked hard.
I’ve got my own little language that people start to imitate after bein around me.
I have an incredibly huge heart and will listen to and help anyone.
Positive energy, and the law of attraction.

You guys will meet me and be pumped to find out that you’ve got the perfect chick to represent and rock everything you’re about. I don’t have to talk the talk, just walk the walk. I can’t wait to be a part of Lange, and show ski towns all over what a Lange girl is all about.

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