End of an era: 10+ bangin’ videos from the final West Coast Session

End of an era: 10+ bangin’ videos from the final West Coast Session

One of skiing’s most badass events, West Coast Session (WCS), said farewell to the ski community last month with its 10th and final offering at Mt. Hood, Oregon. We’re extremely saddened to hear this news, as WCS has been a true staple in the core skiing community; amidst all the crazy contests and corporate pressures many athletes have seen over the years, WCS remained a constant throughout, providing a place for all types of talent to come together and throw down for fun—nothing more and nothing less.

While the anti-competition vibe is what WCS is all about, some friendly rivalry is still involved, as shown through the insane collection of videos gradually released over the past few weeks. The main source of these videos is the WCS10 Team Edit Contest, which put 11 teams head-to-head to see who could produce the best recap. A winner will be chosen via public online voting, which will start at an undisclosed date.

Moreover, WCS put on a variety of smaller video comps for Best Grab, Best Grind, Best 180, Best Overall Instragram Post and MVP/Best Trick. Those videos were submitted via Instagram with their respective hashtags (#wcsgrab, #wcsgrind, etc.), and offer a rough, behind-the-scenes look at what these mad skiers were up to on that big ol’ Oregonian glacier.

All of the videos mentioned above can be found and watched below, but we know your time is precious, so here are our top three suggestions if you have to be picky:

1. Team U.S.A.D.A.

2. Team Stop, Guac & Roll

3. Team Breast Coast Session

WCS10 Team Edit Contest

Team Space Babies

Jacob Callaghan
Aiden Ulrich
Jonah Williams
Nicky Keefer
Dennis Ranalter
Joona Kangas
Dylan Manley


Team Kleinis Matterhorn

Evan Lai-Hipp
Lupe Hagearty
Khai Krepela
Pat Goodnough
Jake Doan
Corey Jackson
Keegan Kilbride


Team Round2

Borja Azurmendi
Josep Gil
Carlitos Loan
Pako Benguerel
Luka Melloni


Team Local

Chris Santos
Tyler Carr
Derek Roy
Drew Stewart
Hudson Knoll
Tucker Fitzsimmons
Mason Kennedy
Abe Barnett
Jon Marks
Reed Lewis


Team Stop, Guac & Roll

Jasper Newton
Lucas Wachs
Karl Fostvedt
Dylan Sondrup
Daniel Hanka
Ty Ulrich


Team Breast Coast Sessions

Oliver Hoblitzelle
Cam Willis
Brooke Potter
Taylor Lundquist
Nina Schlickenrieder
Katie Hitchcock
Joey Ciprari
Ali G.
Mike King
Rory Walsh
Cottie Gorham
John Michael Fabrizi
Tim Sargent


Team Syrup Sippers

Dean Bercovitch
Matt Wilcox
Jarrad McCarl
Ian Hamilton
Vince Emond
Tom Nelner


Team Wild Zoo

Daniel Tschurtschenthaler
Lukas Schäfer
Tom Ritsch
Alex Benz
Christof Schenk
Ralph Welponer


Team Baguette

Etienne Mérel
Julien Eustache
Boris Fichelson
Joffrey Pollet-Villard
John Kutcher
Pete Arneson


Team U.S.A.D.A.

Andrew Napier
Chris Laker
Ben Moxham
McRae Williams
Tim Gage
Bill Kelly
Ryan Wyble
Dylan Ferguson
Dale Talkington
Steve Stepp


Team Dankers

Gavin Rudy
Paul Dussault
Alex Hall
Noah Wallace
Jeremy Pancras
Ethan Swadburg


WCS Best Tricks

Best Grind – Charlie Lasser

@dubscoops is the winner of the #wcs10 #wcsgrind challenge with this offer on the DFD-S challenge rail @timberline_freestyle

A video posted by WestCoastSession (@westcoastsession) on


Best Grab – Maks Gorham

The winner of last week's #wcsgrab contest is @maksgorham as filmed by @jaznewt This is how you tweak your cuban, kids

A video posted by WestCoastSession (@westcoastsession) on


Best 180 – Mike King

The winner of last week's #wcs180 competition is @kingxpinn Clean offer with the #taipan grab

A video posted by WestCoastSession (@westcoastsession) on


Best Overall Instagram Post – Reed Lewis


MVP and Best Trick – Colby Stevenson

@colby_stevenson #WCS10 MVP and winner of Best Trick(s) #clean #skiing #offer #thefuture

A video posted by WestCoastSession (@westcoastsession) on

Again, we can’t stress enough how sad it is to see this event go. But we’d like to take this opportunity, nonetheless, to thank WCS organizers, skiers, filmers and photogs that have participated over the past decade. You guys kick ass.

With that, we’ll conclude with these six simple and heartfelt letters: R.I.P., WCS.

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