Early Bird Gets The Worm – Sunrise On Mount Sproatt

Early Bird Gets The Worm – Sunrise On Mount Sproatt

It’s been one of the cloudiest seasons here in Whistler, so we’ve definitely been keen to make sure that we’re out there as much as possible when the weather is good. But even if the weather cramps our style, we’ve got our zones so well mapped, that we can pretty much shoot regardless of whether the sun is out or not. After nearly four weeks in the clouds, the sun began to poke out once again.


KC sends it amongst the trees when the light isn't good.


KC works his was down a tricky line.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time hanging out and sledding with KC Deane here in Whistler, and we’ve been fairly successful on our last outings. When the clouds are kickin’, we’ve been hitting up one of the local spots, Sproatt Mtn. Much of this spot is actually considered closed, but we didn’t really find that out until recently.

There are so many cool features and mini zones in this considerably small sled area, and with epic views, it’s a pretty awesome place to be. We explored around, taking dodgy sled routes through the trees in hopes to discover new zones, and those missions were indeed a success.


Voleurz's own Darren Rayner got stuck nose first more than once.

When we were in the clouds, we rolled up on some pretty cool cliff bands, so KC tee’d up a tricky line and back flipped this sizable drop. We actually returned to the same area about a week later. This time the weather broke out of its low pressure strong hold, so we missioned up there for the sunrise.

Sitting up on the ridge as the sun came up with a 360 view of epic peaks before most people were even out of bed was a pretty awesome experience. We set up some cool looking photos on the natural terrain that day, and worked on our sunburn for 12 hours.


Getting there early enough to see this is well worth it.


On the next snow reset, I know exactly where I’m going.


A high snow to face ratio for KC.


Havin' fun on the sled.


KC averts the danger where Darren ghost rid his sled into the trees…Whoops.


Good old Black Tusk.


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