Drew Petersen’s top tips for a day at the ski resort

Drew Petersen’s top tips for a day at the ski resort

Drew Petersen, pro skier and Alta local, dishes out nine pointers for total resort domination.

The gateway to a solid day on the hill is within that tortilla of scrambled eggs, steamy chorizo and extra hot sauce. One of my favorites: grabbing a hot one from South Cable to bite into on the tram deck at Jackson Hole. 

If you want to hit a specific air or line on a pow day, put your eggs (except the eggs from your burrito) in that basket right away. That cliff you’ve been eyeing up since November will have zero tracks in the landing on the first run of the day.  

Beyond offering up the (second) most practical pick-up line in skiing, taking the singles line is a great way to meet people. Riding a chairlift with a stranger is one of my favorite small joys of skiing and I’ve met countless folks I never would have crossed paths with otherwise. 

This is a reminder to myself for this winter, as much as anything. Sure, phones are a great way to connect with your buddy or call for help. But if we can’t unplug when we’re skiing, when in this crazy world can we? 

Everyone else is just as psyched about that rope drop as you. I used to race way too aggressively to get those first tracks, but in the past couple years I’ve learned that there are always enough good times to go around for everyone.

If you follow me around Alta, I literally make the exact same turns in the same places 90 percent of the time. But I’m learning to switch things up every once in a while, because there might just be another stash of pow behind that tree I normally ski straight past. 

SKIER: Drew Petersen | PHOTO: Sam Watson | LOCATION: Alta, UT

Patrollers and lifties make it all possible. Remember that. A “thank you” and a high-five goes a long way to keeping the cycle of positive energy going around, just like the bull wheel of your favorite double chair. 

Skiing the resort is hard work. Seriously, a big day of skiing inbounds could mean scores of thousands of vertical feet. Be kind to your body: stretch, eat a quality dinner after a big day and take a rest when you need it. 

At après, get whatever the locals are ordering, even if it’s just a different cheap beer than your go-to. This isn’t about fitting in. It’s about the experience. The memories of the day you just had will forever be attached to that drink in your hand. Example: When I drink Stella Artois, I think of the Vallée Blanche… and dancing on tables (alone) in Chamonix.



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