Debrief: Sean Pettit talks Cold Rush, the Pettitor and Beyond

Debrief: Sean Pettit talks Cold Rush, the Pettitor and Beyond

photoin_0.jpgHOW WAS COLD RUSH? Cold Rush was cool man. A bunch of friendly rippers were there having a good time. Conditions were not ideal but obviously we made the best of it.

HOW'D YOU DEAL WITH THE CONDITIONS? THE SNOW WAS PRETTY ROUGH. Yeah. Me personally dealing with the conditions? I didn't send it as hard as I wanted to coming into it. Slopestyle day I kept it conservative with tricks, I just wanted to not get hurt, as I'm going to Alaska. I've got a big season ahead of me and wanted to focus on my body being tip top.

WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE SLOPESTYLE COURSE? I think the slopestyle course was really cool. It definitely took a lot of time and effort. Obviously conditions were the hugest factor and with a venue like that you have to build multiple features, but I personally wouldn't have built jumps there. The landings were a little flat and they felt a little flatter because of the snow. But at the same time, it's hard to find good landings a lot of the time. So the hugest factor was just trying to deal with the snow conditions.

WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE LEVEL OF RIDING, GIVEN THE CONDITIONS? The level was still really high and people were still pushing it really hard. Dane Tudor had some really sick runs. He kept it a little conservative as well but still managed to pull off some good shit. It was impressive.

WHO ELSE IMPRESSED YOU? I think Dash Longe had some really sick runs. Pep Fujas has been kind of out of the game for a bit because he's been hurt and what not, so him coming back was really sweet to see. Kye Petersen and my brother Callum, and Fabio Studer. He had a really sick slopestyle day, I was really impressed. Logan Pehota is a new up and comer and did really well, so that was cool to see.


Sean "keeping it conservative" in Silverton. p: Shay Williams

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT IT BEING A RIDER JUDGED EVENT? IS THAT A GOOD FORMAT? I think that format works for Cold Rush perfectly. That's the best way to do it for this event. I'd like to see other events like Cold Rush that aren't rider judged as well. But I think for Cold Rush, rider judged is the best.

YOU MENTIONED ALASKA. TELL US ABOUT THAT. Well, me and a few of the friendly rippers are headed up to Alaska with Poor Boyz Productions to do some filming for 20 days. We're booked into Haines, for heliskiing. Myself, Pep Fujas, Dane Tudor and Riley Leboe. So that's a real solid crew. It's gonna be the sickest trip of the year, for sure.

WE SAW YOU ON YOUR NEW PRO MODEL SKI IN SILVERTON. WANT TO GIVE US SOME DETAILS? Yes I do. I have been talking with K2 for quite a long time about making a ski and they thought about it and then sure enough I come to re-sign and they're like, 'Let's do it. Let's make it happen." Then it all started happening really quickly. I got a surfboard shaping program that I downloaded and started playing with that. I probably made 12 or 13 different prototypes on that program. I ended up going with one of the last ones I had made, that I thought had a real cool looking shape. I hadn't really tested any other skis at all, I just figured this would work.

But it's got camber underfoot—so you can ski on hardpack—but not too much. It's also got a rockered tip and tail so it works for pow. But it's not too much. The ski is really gradual, no crazy angles or anything. The rocker and camber are really subtle. Same with the sidecut—it's fairly straight—so that it just plows through anything. it also has a tiny bit of reverse sidecut in the tip and tail, but like everything else, not too much. I think it's the perfect in between and I'm loving the ski. Best ski I've ever skied on.

WHEN WILL WE SEE THE SKI? It'll be out fall 2012, it's called the Pettitor.

sean_pettit_getting_fired_up_-_christian_pondella_0.jpgWHAT'S THE STORY BEHIND THE GRAPHICS? Yeah. Me and Ryan Schmies [K2 graphic designer] together was a really easy way to come up with something sick. We had a similar idea of how we wanted it to look. The first thing was, 'Let's make it black. Let's make the whole ski pretty much black.' So the whole graphic is shiny black on matte black, so it's really subtle and it looks really sick. From your foot to the tip it's pretty much just a big, evil looking' bird. And that's where the name came from too. We came up with the graphic first and then the name. It comes from 'predator'… 'Pettitor'.

ANY OTHER LONGER TERM PLANS COMING UP? Yeah. I've been working closely with Red Bull on some projects that hopefully we'll see in the near future that will be really cool.

For more information on Red Bull Cold Rush, read the recap of the event here. For more information on Sean, follow him on twitter: @SeanPettit




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