Dane Tudor and Rachael Burks Win 2012 Red Bull Cold Rush

Dane Tudor and Rachael Burks Win 2012 Red Bull Cold Rush

With two days worth of video footage under its belt, the athletes of the 2012 Red Bull Cold Rush voted on each other, crowning the best big mountain, best slopestyle and overall skiers from the week's action. And the consensus? Dane Tudor and Rachael Burks took home top honors as the best male and female overall skiers. Cashing in second place were Pep Fujas and Jackie Paaso, while Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and Michelle Parker rounded out the podiums in third.


Men's podium (l-r): Pep Fujas, Dane Tudor, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa. p: Shay Williams

“I’m just super stoked. Everyone out here just kills it, so to be on top at Cold Rush is just awesome," said Dane. "I’m really hyped as I’m heading up to Alaska this week so carrying this win up there is gonna make it a great time."

Dane's overall victory comes as a combined effort between the big mountain and slopestyle days, where he was the only male to be voted in the top three for each discipline. He came in second on the big mountain day after dropping into the Pequeño chute, launching a quick air off a rock, cruising through the Hourglass section before launching a huge 25-plus foot rock chute dubbed the Broom Closet. On the slopestyle side, Dane took home the win with his 720 tail off the cornice jump and a hefty switch 540 on the castle jump, stomping cleanly.


Women's podium (l-r): Jackie Paaso, Rachael Burks, Michelle Parker. p: Shay Williams

On the women's side, there was only Rachael Burks. She took home top honors in both big mountain and slopestyle. "It’s the biggest honor and I’m so stoked that I don’t really have words," explained Burks. "To be on the podium at Red Bull Cold Rush is the biggest deal in the whole world and I’m just elated.” Her big mountain run started off in the Grande where she aired over rocky section before she stomped a burly air at the bottom. Slopestyle day saw the champ hit the step up and then stomp the hell out of a massive backflip off the castle jump.


Athletes during the video judging session. p: Christian Pondella / Red Bull Content Pool

Cold Rush is one of the only events in the entire world that features athlete/peer judging as opposed to a panel of judges who do not compete. But with 20 judges in the room, the sample size is bigger and everyone seemed to be content with the results. "I said this to someone the other day," said Dane Tudor, "A lot of events are panel judged, and a lot of times you’re like ‘this person shouldn’t have gotten this score or this person should have got that score’, so when I heard we’re judging ourselves I was hyped as the athletes we want are making the decisions.”


Dash Longe fills out his voting sheet. p: Mike Arzt / Red Bull Content Pool

While Tudor and Burks may have won the overall, we cannot forget the days' individual winners. The big mountain day's top spots belonged to Dash Longe and Rachael Burks, with Dane and Lexi Dupont coming second while Andy Mahre and Michelle Parker rounded out the day's top three. Dane and Rachael won the slopestyle day as mentioned above, with Pep Fujas and Jackie Paaso snagging second honors while Wiley Miller and Anna Segal finished third.

And on a lighter note, some instagram awards were given to the athletes who best took to social media during the week, awarding prizes to the best photos with the hashtag #ColdRush. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa took home days one and two, while Michelle Parker snagged day three.


(l-r): Rachael, Jackie and Michelle hard at work. p: Christian Pondella / Red Bull Content Pool

With the conclusion of the awards and the commencement of the hair band Metal Gods concert, the 2012 Red Bull Cold Rush officially came to a close. After an event filled with a lot of ups and one bummer down (the cancellation of cliffs day), we can salute our champions. And yes, the official awards are over, but don't forget about the reader awards. You can head to redbullusa.com/coldrush to vote for your favorite athlete of the week. The winner gets a cool $1,000, so go and vote before it closes on March 26.

For more information on what went down this week, check out the Day 1 Recap as well as the Day 2 recap. Also, you can check out the big mountain video here and the slopestyle video here. A big thanks goes out to Red Bull, Silverton Mountain Resort, the Grand Imperial Hotel and the Public Works.
All the winners. p: Erik Seo / Red Bull Content Pool
Men's Final Results:
1_ Dane Tudor – 92.50 
2_ Pep Fujas – 88.58 
3_ Sage Cattabriga-Alosa – 85.92
4_ Dash Longe – 84.00
5_ Andy Mahre – 83.33
6_ Logan Pehota – 81.25
7_ Fabio Studer – 80.83
8_ Wiley Miller – 79.50
9_ Tim Durtschi – 77.58
10_ Sean Pettit – 73.58
11_ Dave Treadway – 73.25
12_ Collin Collins – 72.42
13_ Leo Ahrens – 67.92
14_ Josh Bibby – 60.83
T-15_ Callum Pettit – DNF
T-15_ Richard Permin – DNF
T-15_ Tobias Tritscher – DNF
T-15_ Kye Petersen – DNF
Women's Final Results:
1_ Rachael Burks – 95.83
2_ Jackie Paaso – 91.75
3_ Michelle Parker – 90.58
4_ Lexi Dupont – 89.42
5_ Anna Segal – 89.17
Authentic mining cart trophies for an authentic mining town. p: Mike Arzt / Red Bull Content Pool

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