A Day With Simon Dumont

A Day With Simon Dumont

Simon Dumont, world renowned freeskier, flew to Southern California for an industry premiere and live stream of his and Riley Poor’s film, Transitions. But more than fly in to California for a day and watch a movie, why not make a day of it? Freeskier magazine was on hand to follow The Dumont, Luke Van Valin and their antics.

After an early morning flight to LAX, Toyota sent a car for Simon and the crew to drive down to Oakley’s Interplanetary HQ. Simon met with Greg Strokes and was measured up for his new suit that Oakely designed for him and check out the fabled “Engine ROom,” a hidden room in the bowels of Oakley’s 700,000, sq. foot facility.

Next stop was Santa Monica, CA, to Red Bull HQ for a few photo and video shoots with the fine folks there. After a quick dinner and pit stop at the Hotel, Simon suited up and the crew headed back to Red Bull for a premier of Transitions. The room was filled with industry movers and shakers, eager to check out the highly anticipated film. Unfortunately Riley Poor couldn’t make it down for the show, but the movie was also streamed live on the web for all to see. [additional webcasts will be available in the future, stay tuned for more].

Well received by the guests, the movie was a smash hit, with movie-goers partying and drinking the night away at Red Bull and James Beach.

All in all, the premier, the day, the whole shebang was a success. Check out the video of Simon and his friends’ day in Southern California.

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