Dakine Winter 2011 Photo Trip to Argentina

Dakine Winter 2011 Photo Trip to Argentina

Words and photos courtesy of Dakine.

The Dakine Winter 2011 photo shoot trip to Argentina has been going awesome so far.

Shipping samples to Argentina for a photo shoot just isn’t a good idea (at least if you ever want to see them again). Knowing this, we opted to travel with all of our samples on our person. So we land at the PDX airport with everyone staring in envy at our Dakine bags that won’t even be available at retail for over a year from now.

Pollard gets his grub on at 35,000 feet.

4 hours later we land in Houston where we killed a 3 hour layover with some cocktails and fried alligator appetizers. Since we had a 10 hour flight ahead of us to Buenos Aires + the fact that it was Saturday night + the fact that we were all going to Argentina, a round of tequila shots just seemed like the necessary thing to do.

Buenos Aires

2 TV dinners later and an upright 40,000 foot elevation sleepover, we arrived in Buenos Aires jetlagged and red eyed. Since we all looked so awesome from traveling all day/night and we had another 5 hour layover before our last flight to Bariloche, it only seemed natural to start shooting photos immediately. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city. We only spent a short time there but enjoyed every minute of it. We’re all looking forward to spending more time there on the way out.

Cerro Catedral

Nearly 48 hours later, we finally arrived at SASS headquarters in Bariloche. Right as you step out of the bus, all the simple pleasures of winter began to kick in. The smell of burning fireplaces, a chill in the air and snow lightly falling through the sky.

Benchetler getting his slash on.

Our first day on the hill was epic. The day started off with a mad snow storm and low visibility in the alpine. We opted to take a hike and shoot some lifestyle photos and basically not rush anywhere. As luck would have, right when we wrapped up shooting lifestyles, the sun started to pop out. Our SASS guide, Skylar took us right to the goods. Insane old growths with deep pow. We really just couldn’t ask for anymore! It continued to get more sunny throughout the day and it ended up being a really productive day.

Pollard, on the clock, doing work.

Benchetler becoming one with nature.

The second day was really grey bird on the hill so we decided to catch up on sleep and shoot lifestyles for the day in Bariloche. Thanks to some great tips from the SASS staff we were pointed in the direction of some insane street art that coincidentally matched really well with all the product we were shooting. Another productive day in the bag!

Say cheese.

Stay tuned for more updates and info over the coming days! It’s not too late to get the goods at SASS, there is still one session left and they running great deals. Go to [https://www.sasnowsessions.com] for more info.

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